Wednesday, September 11, 2013

New Faves from West Elm

West Elm.... they are at it again! I know it's annoying how much I love them. But I had to share these new picks with you :)

This is a really, really cool piece. I especially love the copper color on it.. it feels very fresh. I think it would look great mixed in with some more traditional pieces (like an English rolled arm sofa or something!)
This is a new piece that would easily become a CLASSIC that I would use over and over and over again. And the price is amazing!
I'm a big fan of sculptural coffee tables, and this one is really awesome!
These gorgeous gold spheres look much more expensive than they really are.. and are perfect when you need that little extra something.
I'm a sucker for vases, especially when they are/look like they are hand made. These actually are handcrafted.. and I love them!
Okay, this flatware is just cool. It's one of those things that you could use every day, and it's just so different and good looking and it would make you smile :) OR they would look super cool with a more traditional china pattern for special occasions (I'm thinking blue and white).


  1. They have such great stuff right now! I love that copper storage cabinet!

  2. omg - my blog has the same west elm storage chest today! clearly, you have good taste :)


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