Monday, August 12, 2013

Finally... updating our kitchen!

I'm excited to share with you that we are FINALLY updating our kitchen! Currently, we have pretty terrible linoleum floors and laminate counter tops.

Here is the "before":

We're sticking to a very tight budget. I originally dreamed of having wood floors in our kitchen, but this isn't our forever house so I decided tile will do. We chose a very neutral tile.. sorry I don't have a picture of it but it's starting to go in Wednesday!! So I'll definitely share pictures then.

As for the counters, Home Depot was recently having a 10% sale on countertops, and I priced them out compared to many other options here in Charlotte, and theirs was the lowest.

We are going with "Steel Grey":

It's a very basic, almost black. Simple and classic.

And I may be crazy, but I am going to DIY our subway tile backsplash!!
backsplash inspiration
I'll definitely be sharing the progress with you guys! I'm very excited :)


  1. Very exciting!! I know it'll look great when it's all done! I've missed your house updates - looking forward to the progress.

  2. I love a good subway tile! I'll be interested to hear how easy it is to DIY.

  3. Love it! That is very similar to our scheme and we could not be happier!

  4. Love what you chose! I put in our backsplash and it was easy peasy!

  5. Looking forward to seeing your updates (and hearing how the DIY backsplash goes!). Good luck!

  6. I'm excited for you! I have a huge need to update mine, so I'll let you be the guinea pig. Keep us posted!
    xo Nancy

  7. Love the Granite!! Great choice for the house.

  8. Hello, I enjoy reading your blog and am looking forward to your updated kitchen. Can you tell me what kind of blind you have above your kitchen sink. I am looking for one similar but don't know if I should go with custom to fit the length of the window. My window is similar to yours but maybe wider, I have a shade similar to yours in my mud room and love the look. I use to have a curtain valence above my sink window but am tired of that look. I just need to know how you took care of the length of the shade and the cord. Thanks Mickey

  9. Fun! We have a similar granite in our kitchen and I really like the contrast with the white cabinets. Dreaming of the day we can justify changing out our backsplash. White subway tile will be beautiful! Can't wait to see this come together!

  10. Good luck! I'm sure it will be awesome!!!

  11. I am loving the granite....wish I could take a sledge hammer to mine:) Can't wait to see it.


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