Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A New (More Muted) Color Palette

I'm currently working on switching some things up in our family room. Which is sort of insane, because I feel like I just recently "finished" the family room!! Here it is currently:
I've also had this artwork and table skirt in a corner of our family room for a while:
Ironically, a client of mine has a similar color palette of blue and magenta/mulberry purple. She has been wanting a piece of art for her space, and I've also been craving a bit of a change and something a little more neutral.

So it worked out perfectly that she is purchasing my watercolor and I'm replacing it with a very similar watercolor (from the same artist) in a more neutral color palette. I also got a new table skirt!

The colors in the above picture aren't too accurate, the new piece looks more like this:

I love it!! It still has some beautiful, rich colors.. but a lot more muted.

I came across this image from Pinterest recently and it reminded me of the new color palette I was striving for:
Luckily, our green ottoman still works with this new palette. I have my sights set on new pillows, though.

I'm looking to bring out that bit of purple in the painting.. sort of what I have now but more muted. I love this fabric from Thibaut:

I'm going to the New York market this weekend and I am going to see if there are any good pillow options :) If not, I may go with the Thibaut!

I'll keep you guys updated!


  1. Love the table skirt! Where did you get it?

  2. It's so fun to switch out little items here and there. Can give entire spaces a whole new feel! Can't wait to see how it turns out :)

  3. I love that Thibaut fabric! Do you mind sharing who the artist is of the watercolour?

  4. I love your new table skirt! I would love to know what the fabric is :)

  5. who is the artist? Love the watercolors!

  6. I love your family room! You have such good taste. Would love to know who that artist is too, the artwork looks great with the new skirt!

  7. Wish I had your talent for editing. Looks great!

  8. I LOVE the bright dark red and black frames against the light airy blues, greys in your furniture and art work!

  9. Hi there. Such a lovely post, I decided to add you to my Blogs of the Week feature!

  10. Your room is perfect! Don't mess......Also love the new art and table skirt....styled to perfection.

  11. The Thibaut fabric is to die for. I came across a wallpaper from York Wallcoverings that's nearly identical:,85031


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