Thursday, August 15, 2013

Artist Spotlight: Jennifer Levine

Since I had a couple of you ask about the artist of my art I featured yesterday, I thought I would do a post dedicated to her!

Her name is Jennifer Levine and she's located here in Charlotte, NC. I've been a HUGE fan of Jennifer for a while and have used her for a handful of client projects. She uses a lot of different mediums and they are all so different and unique!

She did these screen prints hanging above the sofa for a client of mine:

She also did this large abstract landscape for another client:
(wasn't hung yet in this pic)
And she also did these two block prints (in the frames) in the recent HGTV Mag space:

She has a website you can check out HERE. And here are some pictures of some of her amazing work:
(We had these at Isabella and they sold SO fast! They were gorgeous!)
She sells some of her work at Slate Interiors here in Charlotte.

I really love her work and will be a collector for many years :) If you are interested in her art, you can contact her here!


  1. Love her water colors and abstract oils! Maybe some of her stuff for our living room? Ray

  2. Thank you for sharing her with us!

  3. I have several of her paintings in my house as well. I love her work. I have bought it for clients too!!! Love your pieces!

  4. loooove the artwork above the eggplant settee!! And that space is just gorg!!!!


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