Thursday, July 11, 2013

Currently Sourcing: Panoramic Artwork

One of the main jobs of an interior designer is to take an idea you have in your head and try to find actual options for it, and we call this sourcing ;)

Lately I've been sourcing "panoramic" artwork to hang above a bed. Very similar to this:

It's for this bedroom that I've been working on:

(This is a "during" shot.. we are getting new lamps!)
One option is to possibly commission a piece of artwork from one of my favorite artists. But I've also been looking into some glicee prints as well.

Here are some great panoramic prints (that won't work for this particular project) but that I still really like! (click images for source)


  1. Any of those would look awesome right above the bed, its perfect for a long panoramic!

  2. Love these! Sending a link to this post to a client now!

  3. I recommend looking at vintage etchings. I come across the panoramic style frequently at consignment shops.

  4. I've been searching for the same types of prints. Thanks for the suggestions!

  5. not sure i like the bed in the room -- the canopy detracts from the beautiful coffered ceilings. like the art ideas though.

  6. What a beautiful space you have to design in. I am in love with those coffered ceilings.

  7. Lovely finds. The last two are my favorite.


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