Thursday, June 13, 2013

Family Room Additions

I've recently changed some things around in our family room and finally took some pictures!

I think the last picture I shared was this one last fall (in the midst of working on my gallery wall):
I had needed some lamps forever (years!) but it took me so long to choose some. But then Furbish came to the rescue!! These lamps are neutral, but bring in a coolness factor that, and I knew they would be perfect:
Glass Jar Lamp with Batik Shade from Furbish
And here are the new pics!

You'll also notice that I switched out the bottom cushions of our sofa.  Here's the story behind that.... after I had purchased our Crate & Barrel Lounge sofa, reviews saying the fabric pills started popping up on the site. Then ours started pilling pretty badly :( I lived with it for a while, but honestly I've always liked the look of a two-tone sofa, so I contacted Crate & Barrel to see if they'd be open to sending us new covers in a different fabric. Their customer service was great, and they sent us new covers (AND cushions!) for no cost.

And the finishing touch was the new lumbar pillow I had made out of some fabric I had on hand.

This room is pretty much finished (for now). I can't share the entire space with you yet, I have to wait for our magazine feature with HGTV Magazine to come out (ah!)


  1. Bryn - I love what you did with your family room, it looks light and fresh.

  2. We love the lamps, Bryn! They look perfect with your new cushions, too! -Furbish

  3. it looks the pattern that the lampshades bring to the room. and congrats on the HGTV article! can't wait to see it!

  4. Looks amazing! So fresh and inviting, I can't wait to see the rest!

  5. Love the contrast of the new cushions! What a happy accident! Can't wait to see the article! Congrats

  6. Oh wow, girl! Your living room looks amazing! Love the gallery wall.

  7. this looks so good and amazing that crate and barrel replaced your cushions. the two tone look is great. i love your very light and minimal artwork as well. great work and can't wait to see more!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  8. Beautiful! Honored to be a part of the gallery wall and loving that two-tone sofa SO much :)

  9. Love it Bryn! Looks absolutely fabulous!

  10. Perfection. Do you mind sharing the trim you used on the lumbar pillow? Many thanks!

  11. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Are all the frames Ikea?

  12. Great idea to do the two-tone look. Clever and it looks great! When you first introduced this couch on the blog, I was thrilled as I was researching it for my living room, too. We brought it home (in the Linen color) and experienced the same pilling problem -- it was awful! We ended up returning the couch and ordering (the exact same couch) in a faux-suede with a herringbone pattern. We love this couch and the new fabric is much more durable and we've had no pilling issues to date.

    All of this to say that C&B let us keep our old couch through the holidays as a loaner couch as the new couch (with the custom fabric) was being made.

    Despite being so bummed about the pilling, C&B customer service was great! Hope that helps anyone experiencing similar problems. —Gretchen


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