Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Uncommon Goods

 This post is brought to you by Uncommon Goods.

Have you guys seen the website Uncommon Goods before? It's a really cool site full of, you guessed it, uncommon goods! But seriously, they have so many great options for unique gifts (like when you need to get something for someone and you have NO idea what to get!).

Here are some of my favorite things on the site, that I wouldn't mind getting myself ;)
1 - Recycled Wine Glasses - These would be perfect for a casual summer evening out on the patio filled with some Prosecco!

2 - Agate Coasters - I have two sets of agate coasters in my house and I love them. It's nice to have necessary things that look really good when left out!

3 - Striped Crochet Pillow - I've never seen anything like this pillow before. It's feminine but casual at the same time.. I love it!

4 - Kantha Throw - Although it may be trendy, I still love a good Kantha throw. I have two in my house (one in my guest room and one in my family room). I love how they are all so unique.

5 - Acai Seed Color Blocking Necklace - Okay, I'm really obsessed with this necklace. It's simple and delicate but has great color too... I would wear it all summer long! And it's really long, so you can double it and it would still hang pretty low. I would layer it with a delicate gold necklace.

Uncommon Goods also has some great Father's Day gifts! They have a great round up, you can check that out here.

When they contacted me and offered to send me a product to review, I knew there was something that I really needed. You guys are going to laugh... crazy cat person alert!

Henry hangs out downstairs at night, and I've been wanting a night light for him. (haha!! Told you! Crazy cat lady...) But seriously, this night light is so pretty, I actually like seeing it during the day when it's off.
Check out Uncommon Goods, you'll definitely find some really cool things!


  1. Great things, that leaf is so cool! I just wanted to stop by and let you know that you are featured on my "Tuesday Top" post today (my favorite looks from around the blogosphere from the week) http://chicstreetstyle.me/2013/06/11/the-tuesday-top-4/

    XoXo Brenna

  2. Love that throw (Number 4). All lovely finds :)

  3. I love Uncommon Goods. I got my crazy math clocks there!

  4. I love that you got him a nightlight! You know that cats pretty much have night vision:)

    What a lovely pampered kitty his is, and so lucky to have found you!!

  5. Those coasters are so awesome! Two of my best friends are moving in together this weekend, so I'll need to get them a housewarming present ASAP. This sounds like a great place to look!

  6. Uncommon Goods is fantastic. Great place to find unique toys for gifts for kids, instead of buying something off the shelf at Target that they probably already have.

  7. Fantastic uncommon goods. I really like these unique things. Thanks for sharing these great things.

  8. thanks for information for this site.


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