Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Find: Linen Drapery Sheer

I really love a good drapery sheer. I recently posted this picture and took note of the rug, but then I noticed the curtains, and I love them!
I came across these pretty drapery sheers from JCP of all places. I love that the fabric is linen and cotton instead of polyester (which is what you often find with ready made sheers).
Linen Drapery Sheers, $45/panel for 108"
I actually ordered some of these right before the photoshoot thinking I would put them up. But I misread (or didn't read at all) the product info and thought they came in pairs.. and when only three panels showed up at my door when I needed 6 I had to forgo them.

But it was nice to see them in person, the color and fabric is great for inexpensive, ready made drapes.
Color Pictured: Gray Mist
I believe they also come in pole pocket, but I like the casualness of the grommet. I'll definitely be remembering these for the future!


  1. Thanks for sharing! I like them too, and I'm looking for something airy for my living room:)

  2. Funny enough, I just bought these last week and LOVE them!

  3. What color are the curtains you purchased? Hard to tell!

  4. i've been thinking of using these in my living windows are begging for something, but i don't want too much color or pattern. this could be a good middle ground. lovely!

  5. Those are very pretty! I'm not a huge fan of grommet, so hopefully they come in pole pocket of hidden pole pocket :)

  6. I do like those. Great for the money. I hope you are doing well and hope one day to meet you!! I was telling someone recently in Charlotte that I didn't know you but that you sent so many readers my way when I was on your blog roll! Thanks for that!! Have a great weekend!!! Here's hoping we meet one day soon!!!

  7. I love a good find! I always forget I found my duvet at JCP and it has held up well!

  8. hmmm. what a great find and I too love they are linen. so pretty!

  9. I love your ready made Drapes, it really matched with the Style of the living room.


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