Monday, June 3, 2013

Inspiring Spaces: Perfection

If you love interior design, sometimes you'll come across a picture of a space and you love every single thing. This is the case for me with this image from Lorenzo Castillo.
I kept the image large so you could see everything. I love that there is pattern and detail and mixed elements but nothing feels "trendy". And if you know me, you know I love old things.. which is probably another reason why I love this space so much ;)

A "look for less" won't do this space justice, but here are some pieces I gathered that have a similar vibe:


  1. This space is amazing!! I absolutely LOVE Lorenzo Castillo, everything he does is perfection I think. You'll love to hear this- when first planning out J&R, and getting images for site ect. I was gathering inspiration pictures and wanted to use one of his on my page in a collage (not knowing yet how the site was going to be layed out). I thought it was a long shot, but emailed him anyway asking if I could use his image, of course thinking I'd never hear back. He personally emailed back same day, was nice as could be, and said go ahead, and wished me luck with the new job! So laid back and generous! It just showed me he valued being respectful and nice over having an attitude about how "big" he is, which a lot of designers would in his case. I love him even more now!

    1. Wow Chelsea that is so amazing, thank you for sharing! I love hearing stories like that. Makes me love him even more!!!

  2. i agree! so much to love about this room. love that striped fabric against the wood and the patterned rug. so great.

  3. Stunning image. Wow. I love the mix of textures and prints. The gold sconce you found is beautiful.


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