Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Find: Gold Accent Tables

As I've mentioned time and time again, is my go-to for certain items. Bamboo shades, inexpensive accent chairs.. and accent tables!

Lately they've been having a great selection of Safavieh tables. Here are a couple great finds for you on this beautiful Friday!

For all you moms out there, have a wonderful Mother's Day! I'll let you know how my cake goes ;)


  1. Love the gold accent on the tables... so cute! Thanks for sharing, hope you have a wonderful weekend and Mother's Day!


  2. Those are all great but my hands down fave is that top one. Love it!

  3. Loved these Goldy Tables...:)
    They look so royal
    Happy Mother's Day..

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  4. Fantastic finds-they are all so beautiful! I can hardly believe they are all from overstock. Thanks for sharing!


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