Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A New Rug Source

Many of you guys know about I think I first heard about them from Jenny, and have used them for several jobs since.

For the entry project I'm working on, I had picked out this rug from esale:
But unfortunately someone else purchased it before we had the chance to.

Then after doing some searching, I came across this ebay seller: New York Rug Gallery

I found this rug as a replacement, and I like it even better than the first choice because it has more detail and is more traditional (which works better for my client's home):
We ordered it right away and I went to see it yesterday. It's really great! It's very soft and the colors are exactly as pictured (which I can't say the same for esale).

Here are some other great rugs from my new favorite rug source:
6x9 $599
3x5 $99
6x8'6 $445
6'7x9'9 $357
6'6x9'6 $375
3'7x6'6 $199
Speaking of rugs, I came across this picture via Pinterest.. a beautiful rug can make a room (although this rug was probably a splurge if I had to guess)

via here


  1. You are such a delight for sharing this source. Thank you! I'm obsessed with rugs and can't wait to stalk this seller on ebay :)

  2. So funny but I actually had one of these in my watch list!!

  3. These are beautiful! Great find, thanks for sharing! I'm in love with that green one.

  4. thanks for the good to know!

  5. Good to know...I also lost out on one from esale....might have to pop over to New York Rug Gallery!


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