Monday, April 29, 2013

Office Organization Project

Last Thursday I scheduled a day to clean/organize my office. I have been needed to do this for months years?

I started with the fabrics (with much needed coffee to get me going)...
A tip for my fellow designers... hanging shoe storage from IKEA works great for fabric memos:
Then it was time to tackle paperwork and misc "crap" that has accumulated into piles in my office. Aggghh.

This is me taking a break (with an empty snack plate) and feeling overwhelmed.

Needless to say, I wasn't finished on Thursday so I spent most of Sunday working on it, too (while watching Marie Antoinette.. I love that movie! And I am now craving macaroons).

I am almost finished. I just need to finish organizing/filing my past client folders. But what a relief to know that everything now has a place and is in it!

Hopefully you aren't appalled by my pictures above.  Here are some beautiful light & airy (and organized!) office spaces that will hopefully help inspire me to finish mine...

The Everygirl.. so pretty & so organized.
The Everygirl
Anna Wintour's Office. Doesn't get better than this.
Coastal Living
I am itching to add an antique rug to my office! Image via here.
via Glitter Guide


  1. I am pretty sure that your office is the most realistic of the bunch! No matter how hard I try, my desk just doesn't stay neat. It drives me mad!

  2. Nothing beats a clean and organized office! Love the fabric storage idea :)

  3. Beautiful... seriously, those memos? Fabric heaven.

  4. Great idea for storing all the memos! I need to get on that!

  5. Don't even worry about showing us the "before" pics. It so nice to see that even lovely and well-designed spaces like yours need a purge once and a while :)

  6. A clean, organized office... high on my list of things I love!

  7. Great post! Need to get on the memo organization myself. And I always throw on Marie Antoinette when I'm powering through office work, filing, etc...!

  8. Hi Bryn,

    Wow! I loved the white attic office. Attics have been my dream since childhood. I just moved in Australia with my family and cash is one of our primary concerns these days. We do have enough money but we need to spend it wisely.

    So, for our home-to-be I'm checking on shipping containers as the primary material of our home. I know it's more expensive than concrete but minus the time and effort of the laborers, I think it's a worthwhile investment.Plus, I can customize it easily and get it done in a much more faster pace than building a house on concrete.

    I just have some problems with colors. Can you please suggest which colors would fit for our house to be. I like white, blue and black.

    Thanks a lot!



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