Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Joy & Revelry LAUNCH DAY!

Today is a really, really special day... it's the official launch of Joy & Revelry! And that also means my Joy & Revelry shop is open for business!

Although it wasn't too long ago I was in San Francisco with my fellow mavens, it's been a couple weeks and the team has been hard at work getting everything ready to go.

The new site not only features our shops, but also has some great videos introducing you to each of the mavens. Here is my video:

Most of the work we did in SF during the Style Summit was shooting environmental shots for the site. I'm really excited to share with you my environments, and the products I selected for my shop that coordinate with them!

My first environment that I created is called Classically Feminine. Much like most women, I adore anything that is pretty and feminine. But I also always like the pieces I bring into my home to be a bit simple, streamlined and classic. That is what inspired me for this environment shot!

I've grouped together some "Classically Feminine" products available in my shop (that I also used in my environment shot)

One thing that really sets Joy & Revelry apart from other sites are the product reviews. Whenever I'm buying things online, I ALWAYS read the product reviews and it's even better when I can see pictures of how the products were used in a space. Well, Joy & Revelry took it one step further and had us review many of our favorite products in person!

Here are some examples of my reviews of products in my "Classically Feminine" collection! (please excuse my awkwardness, I'm not too great in front of a camera haha)

Tomorrow I'll be sharing with you my "Naturally Eclectic" environment shot and products, but for now please check out Joy & Revelry and let us know what you think!


THANK YOU for taking the time to share your thoughts. I appreciate each and every comment.

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