Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Find

How cool are these new drapes from IKEA??
MARMOBLAD Curtains from IKEA - $14.99/pr
 I love that it looks like trim (even though it's definitely not). And I'm really intrigued by their new curtain treatment that works with pins: 
I wonder if it creates pleats in the front.... 

I may have to go to IKEA soon to check these out in person!


  1. Oh, glad to know about this new style that works with pins! I rigged up my Ikea panels with pins and rings, sure would be nice not to have to do that :)

  2. those are great! gotta love ikea...always coming up with something new to lure me back into their stores!

  3. I like this new style too - going to Ikea this weekend hopefully I'll come across these ones :)

  4. Please keep us posted on how they look in person and also if they pleat with the pins??? I would LOVE if they created a pleated curtain effect. If anyone else has feedback on Ikea curtains that use the pins I'd love to hear it!

  5. The curtain hooks (Riktig) do create pleats! I've used them on linen curtains and it looks great!

  6. Oohh, I haven't seen these and I like them and $14.99 a pair? No way!


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