Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy Monday

Happy Monday (especially to those of you who don't have work today!)

This weekend was a good one... I got some things done around the house, we had a great dinner with new friends and it snowed!!

A good snow fall makes me so happy, it's just so pretty. But I also love that we only get 1 or 2 a year here in Charlotte :)

Henry loved it! I don't think he's ever seen one in his little life.

It made for a really beautiful morning the next day...

I also worked on the guest bathroom. I have been painting this vanity for a couple weeks now, haha. I finally finished it and put the doors back on.

 The vanity color is the same color that's in our master bedroom, Gunmetal from Benjamin Moore.

I'm not completely finished yet, I still have some things to do (new pulls for the vanity, paint the shoe molding/trim, and some other things).

Also, I'm pretty sure I'm going to paint the mirror the same color as the vanity.

This weekend I installed the shelf above the toilet (omg it was such a pain.. it was on sale for $30 at Lowe's and now I know why.) I also installed this mirror from IKEA:

And reorganized the linen closet. I have no idea why but I was hoarding so much old bedding. I'm donating anything that I wouldn't currently put on any of the beds and that didn't have a full set. As you can see, I love white linens ;) (on a side note, that pink duvet set you see was my set from college. I just can't part with it, I loved it so much! And I actually still really love the soft pink and cherry blossom pattern, so I kept it).

I was so tired after organizing and cleaning on Sunday, I took a hot bath and then climbed into my fluffy, clean bed at 9 pm (you may have seen my instagram). Is that not one of the best things in life??

Also, this weekend I received the sweetest package. Remember this post with the Madewell bag? Well, Cathy from Mabel and Jean sent me one of her handmade leather bags and a business card case!!

It was so incredibly kind of her, and I love them so much. She's actually located in Oklahoma, which is awesome since I have Oklahoma roots (my grandparents live in Tulsa and I went to OU).

Please check out her site: and shop

Also, she was so generous to send me these beautiful pieces and I want to pay it forward.. I'll be giving away something on my blog, but I need to pick something first :)


  1. Look at you GO! Absolutely adore the color on the vanity, super chic with the marble!

  2. Your bathroom looks amazing!!! I love how the color perfectly fits with the flooring! Gorgeous!!

  3. Your vanity looks awesome. I may be slightly biased because it appears to be twins with my vanity. :) One of the things I love about Charlotte is how special it is when it snows. My orange kitties go nuts for it too.

  4. The vanity looks amazing-- its great inspiration, thank you! But I must ask, what are those lights reflected in the mirror (maybe your hallway there)? They look like copper Benjamin lights?? Please share more info on them!!!!

  5. I love the marble in your guest bath! All of your updates look great, including that organized linen closet. We have been getting snow ALL day but absolutely no accumulation. Glad you got a little where you are. :)

  6. Love the bathroom! I used to think keeping sheets that didn't match was silly too, but then I had kids. One of my favorite oddball (and unsolicited...sorry) pieces of advice to people who think they ever might have children is to hold on to sheets for a while. They come in very handy with babies and toddlers who wake up ill in the middle of the night and need 4+ sheet changes in one night. Ok, end of unsolicited advice. :)


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