Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Find

I got a catalog from Ballard the other day and it had information about a sale on the front. I came across this round "storage" ottoman:

I love the pleated skirt, and it's great that there is a shelf below that you can use to store things.

And I was really surprised at the price... a linen/cotton blend fabric is only $507 (and that's before the 15% off sale they are having right now). That is a great buy!

I actually sent it to a client this morning to see if she would like it :)


  1. $507 is not a good deal. However, I do agree that it's cute! Also, is this a sponsored post?

  2. Cute! Love the hidden storage.

    And on another note, that "person" needs a chill pill.

  3. It's true there may be ottomans out there that are less than $500, but they are most likely made overseas and would lack in quality. Or they may be really small. This piece is made in North Carolina and is a generous size with beautiful fabric options. I definitely think it's a great deal!

    Also, this is not a sponsored post whatsoever. I rarely do sponsored posts, and when I do it would clearly state "this is a sponsored post".

  4. ooh, I love this. I love also that they do COM! Would be great in an outdoor velvet for kiddos.

  5. Mary | lemongroveblog.comFebruary 8, 2013 at 5:15 PM

    I've got a soft spot for the tufted linen ottomans as well! $500 isn't in the budget, so I'm thinking about DIYing one... kind of afraid to even try it though, since I know exactly how I *want* it to look, and I'll be pretty bummed if it doesn't live up to my high hopes for it. :)

  6. I recently came across this ottoman as well when looking for pieces for a friend's home. I especially liked that it was available upholstered in indoor-outdoor fabrics! Great for homes with kids!!


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