Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Etsy Art

I've been sourcing some art for a client and one of the sources I searched recently was Etsy (no new news there, I love Etsy art!) But this time, I was looking at oil paintings.

There are some really great oil paintings available on Etsy.. and it's a great place to start an art collection (the prices are really great!)

This first artist is my favorite Etsy artist right now.. and she does a lot of custom pieces. Her paintings are so peaceful, I hope to own one of her pieces someday.

This artist paints whimsical pieces and also beautiful landscapes. I'm not normally a cow person, but I love this white cow.

This next artist has a broad mix of work. Some of her pieces are a bit too much for my taste, but if you go through her Etsy shop there are some more simple, beautiful pieces.


  1. I love these posts where you share your Etsy finds!

  2. Check out my friend http://www.etsy.com/people/WhitneyKnapp?ref=owner_profile_leftnav
    You may like her stuff.

  3. Love finding art on Etsy!

  4. Thanks for sharing these, they're great!! found a couple from the second artist that I think could make great gifts! www.anneworthington.blogspot.com

  5. lovely artwork! So glad you shared

  6. I have art by J Shears in my etsy favorites at all times...love the art so much! I'll have to check out the others....great post! Karen

  7. Thanks for highlighting some new great finds! I think J Shear is especially fabulous!
    My favorite artist on Etsy is: http://www.etsy.com/shop/YvonneWagnerStudio
    My house is FULL of her work....as she's my talented mother!

  8. I too love the artwork of J Shears. I ordered a custom painting from her last year. Sadly, the whole process did not end as planned. Both Ms. Shears and I agreed the artwork I received was not as requested. Sadly, a new painting was never completed and I ended up returning the first canvas (for a full refund, minus shipping/handling).

    I'm commenting on this, not to knock Ms. Shears (I still love her work). I simply want to make buyers of custom art aware of my experience. Sometimes it doesn't go as planned. I've chalked it up to bad timing and don't plan on letting my experience hinder me from buying custom art in the future.


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