Wednesday, September 12, 2012

King Beds

Usually on vacations we stay in King sized beds. We are used to a queen, so it's a luxury to be able to sprawl out in a King. It's not that we dislike having a queen... but I do sometimes think about getting a new bed (mainly because I don't love the style of our current bed). And if we WERE to get a new bed, I'd probably get a king ;)

We're not getting a new bed anytime soon, but purely for day-dreaming purposes here is what I would consider ;)

I love this NOIR bed, and the price is somewhat attainable ;)

If money were no option..... Oly

Restoration Hardware

Speaking of beds, I loved this bedroom in the newest Lonny:

It looks like they bought the NOIR bed I posted first and custom upholstered the headboard... genius! I really love the colors...


  1. World Market has a bed I keep looking at online that is sort of a poor man's version of the RH bed you posted. And it actually comes in king- which a lot of World Market beds don't!

    Wish I could see it in person. The price is so tempting...

  2. We have a king... We're so used to it now it's hard to sleep in anything smaller! You'll definitely like it when you do upgrade.

  3. I love the look of the upholstered four poster. We have a vintage four poster, and I've thought about upholstering a taller panel to put on in since we both like to read in bed. If you upgrade a King you'd need all new bedding!

  4. Now that I've completely fallen in love with the Noir bed, what's "somewhat attainable?" :-S

  5. We have a King, and it's the best purchase we've ever made in our marriage!! It's so nice to each have our own side of the bed, its hard to travel and not get a king after that, pretty much everything else feels way too small! I think the RH bed is my favorite!

  6. These are beautiful! I'd love to have a king size bed for sure!

  7. Brooke @ Blueprint BlissSeptember 12, 2012 at 9:44 PM

    If money were no option... Oly is always the answer. Ha.

  8. Beautiful luxury beds. Love to have one myself, but we have gone for 4 Drawer Divan, mattress topper and bedding off our own site, mirrored bedside cabinets and dressing table(Next) and beautiful wardrobes in white/ mirror middle.(Hammonds) Wallpaper to match (Laura Ashley)and we love it.


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