Tuesday, January 10, 2012


What is it about the new year and wanting to get organized? Probably because it's like a fresh start.. and I know I'm not alone. If you look at all the major retail websites they have "STORAGE!" links on their homepages.

Anyway, I recently put together some of my favorite organization items (and some that I need) for Houzz.com.


The highest on my list of priorities are our bathrooms. I'm planning on a simple face lift for them and with that I need some major storage updates.

Our linen closet is a MESS. I think these bags would do the trick:

I also am on the prowl for some boxes/baskets with lids for me to put on open shelving in our master bathroom. We have hardly any storage under our sinks and I want to move some of the items out that we don't use every day.

I would love something like this, but in a more natural color:

I don't know about you, but I can't wait to get organized!


  1. Love all your finds! I NEED to get organized, maybe having pretty storage will motivate me haha??


  2. Great picks!  Need to organize my garage!!

  3. I like those clear plastic bag/boxes for linenes...I need some of those.  Actually, I need to do a major clean out of my linene closet, and then maybe I wouldn't need bags to organize it all!  Ha ha

    Anyway, the reason I'm commenting...I have some simple lidded baskets from Michaels.  I got them maybe a year or two ago, but might be worth a shot to look.  They are lighter in color than the one you posted, so you might like them! 

  4. Um, I do know how to spell LINEN lol

  5. I went over to Houzz to check out the whole list.  I've been looking for some large wicker baskets to put above a closet and those World Market ones are perfect.  Everywhere else they seem to cost an arm and a leg - thanks!

  6. I love the red lacquered boxes you picked-- they remind me of Hermes boxes, but I like the color better.


  7. Organizing is also on the top of my to do list! right now i'm working on our bathroom and a trip to the Container Store is a must for me this weekend!

  8. I'm in major organization mode right now, too!


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