Monday, January 9, 2012

the best!

At the beginning of House Beautiful there is a section called "the BEST!" They feature all sorts of products and none of them have anything in common except that they are all awesome. Besides the home tours, this is my favorite part of the magazine, don't you agree?

This new West Elm table lamp is absolutely beautiful. Like a work of art (rightfully so, it was created by an artist). I recently picked up two of them for a client.

Champagne Woven Metal Mirror - $284

I just sent this mirror to a client.. I love it! It has such a funky, raw look but still manages to be beautiful.

Labradorite Ring - $72

I have been obsessing over labradorite lately.. the color is amazing!!

The Corkcicle - $25

I got these for a couple people for Christmas and they were a hit. You freeze it, then put it in a bottle of chilled wine and it keeps it cold. Genius!

I got two of these necklaces (which I also love!) for Christmas, so I am exchanging one of them for this necklace above. It's so sweet and delicate.

Far Away, So Close - $30

This horse photograph is so so so beautiful. I want to purchase it for my own home. :)

Natural and Aqua 18" Pillow - $35

I saw these on Pinterest... I love the THICK banding.. a modern take on a classic. I'd have her make the pillows in a large 24" size and put two of them on a sofa.


  1. I, too, was obsessed when I saw the corkcicle!  That West Elm lamp is really great and I really like so many of their new items!

  2. corkcicle?  Love it! That is my favorite part of the magazine.

  3. Love your taste in jewelry, Bryn! Corkcicle...huh, clever!

  4. Thanks for sharing your finds... Im going to order that horse print as well.


  5. I love that pillow! 

  6. That is one of my favorite sections of House Beautiful too, along with the bathroom and kitchen of the month at the end. The ring you featured is stunning!

  7. I love that first lamp, so pretty!

  8. According to the CountessJanuary 9, 2012 at 11:17 AM

    We got a corkcicle for xmas!  I had never heard of it, now I'm obsessed :)

  9. Lauren (The Cottage Mix)January 9, 2012 at 11:52 AM

    Those pillows are great...can't believe the price!  Also, the corksicle.  Brilliant.  Happy Monday.

  10. I just purchased some horse prints from Irene Suchocki on Etsy. They turned out amazing! I had them custom framed. You can see how they turned out here:


  11. Yup, LOVE the corksicle you gave me!!

  12. love that labradorite ring, so pretty!

  13. I love the lamp! It feeds right into my burlap obsession!

  14. That West Elm lamp reminds me of Beetlejuice. It's beautiful, but I don't know if I'd ever be able to look at it without thinking of the wedding scene. 

  15. Okay, I will take two lamps and a horse picture! Just beautiful!

  16. Great finds! Checking out the pillow link now!

  17. Great picks! That ring....I think I have a new obsession....!!!

  18. Love that horse print Bryn! Did you see the over-sized one I purchased for my house? (The one at the end.:)) It is called "kiss kiss" and I just hung it over my fireplace last weekend. It am in love with it!! Jen

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