Monday, November 22, 2010

A "Before" & Some Art

I have just a "before" for you this morning... and it's borrowed from Design*Sponge. But when I saw this dresser on Design*Sponge a while back I was surprised - I had that EXACT same dresser sitting in my garage!

Why don't I have the after for you? Well... my in-laws are staying in our guest room which is where the dresser is right now ;) I could have been a prepared, good blogger and snapped a picture yesterday for today's post.. but I didn't. So I will be posting the "after" this afternoon!

In the mean time, I thought I'd show you a painting I just whipped up. I was inspired by this piece at Mrs. Howards:

I took a piece of wrinkled paper used for packing and went to town. This is the result:

I'll be back later with the dresser after!


  1. I like your art piece...well done.

    It is part of the Peter Dunham collection and is sold at Natural Curiosities.

    have a great Thanksgiving

  2. Painting looks like it could be an Amanda Talley? Yours looks so pretty! I'm so impressed.

  3. You did it! I remember all of us looking at the artwork and was like hmmmm...we could do that. Yours came out rather well. Maybe I should give it a whirl...

  4. Nice work- I love making DIY art- sooo rewarding and inexpensive!

  5. I have that dresser! -Haven't refinished it so I'm quite interested to see what you've done w/ it...

    Also really like the artwork. Nice, simple line quality & crinkling the paper to add texture is brilliant!

  6. looooove it Bryn!!!! I've been meanign to try something similar but yours is just so good!!! hahah need to call you!!

  7. Love your art work and cannot wait to see the dresser!


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