Friday, November 19, 2010

Next Week

As you know, next week is Thanksgiving.. but it's also going to be an exciting week here on the blog. Here are a couple things to look forward to...

- Guest Room Updates (I've been busy getting the guest room ready more presentable for the Holidays. My in-laws will be staying in it for Thanksgiving and my parents will be staying for Christmas. Even though many other rooms of our house aren't done, I hope their room can be a nice little retreat.)

- Thanksgiving table design! I'm excited for this one!

- A secret surprise that's in the works.. you'll have to wait for this one.

But for now, I'll share some boards I've done recently.

(note - These are all "finishing touches" boards and aren't complete re-designs that I offer here. I offer my help with finishing touches at my hourly rate.)

ps- I'm keeping the chair!! Thank you all for the love!


  1. Would you mind sharing where those blue coral prints are from? They are exactly what i've been looking for!

  2. Lovely finishing touches! So excited for your guest room reveal and Thanksgiving table. I think I'm going to do a table with much of the giveaway stuff. It all looks so good together! And since I have a small table that suzani fabric is perfect runner size...

  3. I also love the blue coral prints! I am in love with the blue fabric from that same idea board. Any clue where I might be able to pick up some of it? Thank you :)

  4. Finishing Touches boards are a GREAT idea. And yay about the chair!!

    I always wonder if you have considered pulling your chaise out at an angle, instead of having the back against the wall. But maybe now that the leather chair and footrest are angled out from the corner area, I don't wonder as much.


  5. Your boards look lovely! I really like the wallpaper behind the bookcase.

  6. These look fantastic! Where is the gray bedding from? I have a client who would LOVE it! thanks

  7. I love these designs! In the first board you have an awesome gooseneck lamp that I love! Would you share where its from?

  8. Love the blue and gray combination. KEEP the definitely makes the room more interesting. I love it!

  9. I've been checking out those cyanotypes on Vintage Printable to use in my guest room. I'd love to see how they turn out for you.

  10. Is that wallpaper in the last board? I love it, and would love to know who makes it.


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