Friday, October 15, 2010

Bits From My Week

An e-decorating client of mine told me that she needed help with the pillow arrangement on her furniture. So I did a little photoshop action to show her exactly how to display the pillows:

(this is an 'a la carte' board billed at my hourly rate; my client wanted pillow and some accessory ideas.)

Wednesday was a busy day of running errands for clients. I stopped by a local "upcycling" store called Post & Gray and found some really great things.

We all know now that I love green ottomans!

I also loved that faux bois ceramic stool behind the ottoman.

Stripes - they get me every time. I loved this chair.. the fabric is Windsor Smith:

I loved this little stool too.

Then I stopped in Home Goods. They now sell "ghost chairs":

I liked this mirror.. it's very "West Elm".

This week I was feeling a little down about $ or lack there of. (Let's keep it real... life would be much easier if I was making the salary I used to make.) But this quote from Lonny made me feel better:

Amen, Palmer Weiss.

(the little boy next to Palmer's quote is my husband as a kid. What amazing hair! Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure curly hair is a dominant gene.)

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Wow!! The ceramic table took my heart away.. and I am gonna buy leopard print cushions very soon after finding yours... as leopard print is hit this season and farther than that...

    Loved your pretty pieces.


  2. Bryn - you are so talented, and I truly believe you have found your calling! Love what you did for that e-decorating client. I also saw that green ottoman and I LOVE it. I have been scheming where I could possibly put it! When it's gone, I know I am going to kick myself for not buying it ...

  3. Hey Bryn! I've been following your blog for awhile now, and I have to say, you're doing a great job "finding your calling!" Chin up, chica! What you said about life being much easier if you were making what you used to really resonated with me - about 4 months ago I left my job as an engineer to start a career in real estate. While it's been a tough start, aside from occasionally worrying about money, I am so much happier! Just think about how much more you love what you're doing now, and thanks for the little take-away message of inspiration this morning. :)

  4. Good finds! What frames are you showing in the mood board? I'm looking for white ones like that...are the Ikea Ribba's the best bet?

  5. I love the fauz bois stool too. So much that the store is shipping it to my home in Oregon!
    I love your blog and read it daily. Many other blogs feature items that are out of my budget; I can count on your blog to be stylish and affordable.

  6. So many recent pretty and interesting posts lately!


  7. Both my parents have curly hair and I don't.. so you never know :)

    Life is short, in the end all you have is whether you truly lived life on your terms, and it seems like you are.

    Last of all - that green ottoman is to die for.

  8. The pillow arrangement looks gorgeous.
    We don't have Homegoods here :( And I could really use some of those chairs!

  9. Ah, it's always nice to have the same dual income, but it will be so worth it in the end! I just quit working as well to stay home with our son and finish my master's. Good thing money can't buy happiness! I've been following your blog for years and love your work. I'm sure you'll have much success in coming years.

  10. Love the green ottoman, sooooo gorgeous!

  11. Learn to love the curls and they'll love you back :)

  12. Bryn! I am getting my chair reupholstered in a chocolate and natural striped fabric. It looks so much like the one you found. Good finds. I need to go to Post & Gray.


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