Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Prep W.F.I.B.

Oops! I forgot about continuing my Weekly Fashion Idea Board idea. I'll start up again by sharing this - I'm loving this simple, classic style right now:

I have onyx stud earrings and those light pink loafers from Old Navy on my wish list right now.


  1. If I was slim enough I'd be all over that style. I thoroughly dig your design boards, regardless of subject. I wish I could make some!

  2. super cute. love easy outfits with style, like that.

    those loafers! CUTE.

    and I have a set of black pearl studs, and I wear them all.the.time. wearing them now, actually.

  3. Love this look. I'm not usually quite this "preppy" but those pink loafers...adorable!

  4. "love easy outfits with style"

    ditto! it looks fab! :)

  5. I'm passing along a favorite blog award from G&D - check my blog if you're up for it!

  6. hi bryn! i'm a regular stalker and i love your style!
    where can i find that watch??!!


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