Friday, August 22, 2008

Fall is (almost) here!

Here in Southern CA we know fall is near when it starts getting chillier at night (low 60's). There is nothing like waking up in a cool room under your blankets after a great night's sleep. (We sleep with our windows open and when the air gets chilly outside we sleep so well).

Anyway, thanks to the sign that fall is near, I've compiled some items that are on my must-list for fall wardrobe.*

Here they are!

(click to see a larger photo).

I bought some great Joe's Jeans at a Barney's outlet this week when I was out of town for work** so I can cross new jeans off my list of Fall items!

*sorry I've been posting about clothes so much lately, I'm in dire need of some new stuff!
**an update on the work situation: I made it through the layoffs!! Not only did I make it, but I got a promotion :) Let's cross our fingers this company survives!

(I'd like to credit Erika for the use of asterix, I love the idea).

UPDATE: I am a woman on a mission. As I planned, I purchased the two F21 items in the above fall wardrobe board. I added in this:

and three tanks in white, gray and black to get free shipping.

My budget friendly fall wardrobe so far has been: $109 Joe's Jeans (Regularly $190) + $76 Forever 21 - two sweaters, three thank tops and a crochet/chiffon top = $185 for 7 items of clothing.


  1. CONGRATS on the promotion!

    i see you already got jeans, but if you need another pair that doesn't break the bank, try gap's new fit. it's called the low rise bell and it is by far my favorite jean.

  2. I love the Forever 21 sweater!! That is perfect for when it gets chilly outside.

  3. btw, i've been eyeing that top from f21. i don't really need it, working from home gives me many luxuries, but dang it, it's adorable!

    i want to see how you wear both those have great style and i'm having the dardnest time figuring out how to make these new sweaters look good.

    oh, and i totally forgot to post this way back when you posted about the baby shower you are hosting. i went to a shower a few months back where the host asked, on the invitation, that in lieu of a card, please bring your favorite children's book and write a note in the front. it was awesome because for a few dollars more (or the same price for some) we all brought books and built the little tikes library.

    anyhow, happy weekend! ya'll heading up here anytime soon? =)

  4. Congratulations on your promotion--that's great news!!

    Love that jacket you've got your eye on. It's adorable!


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