Sunday, March 30, 2008

I'm feeling a little blue....

I spent all day today priming and painting the office.

And........... it's SO BLUE! I don't get it. I'm really hoping, praying, wishing it changes but I'm thinking it's not going to.

Here is my original sample, painted on the same primer, etc:

And here is the room right now:

Doesn't the painted sample look more green?

Not exactly what I was hoping for :/ I really thought after 9 swatches I found the right color. But for some strange reason, it just is not at all what I wanted!

This color is what I was looking for:

I'm exhausted and naseous from painting all day so I don't plan on changing/fixing it anytime soon, I'll just have to deal for now. I still need to do 1-2 more coats... so I'll (of course) keep you updated as to what the final product looks like.


  1. Yeah, it is more blue toned. Darn it, hey? I have bad luck with paint colors too and I am so picky that I can't live with the wrong color. Good luck finding the right one!

  2. It does have more of a blue undertone - more of a grey based neutral, whereas the one in your inspiration pic has a more yellow undertone. If I look at your previous post with all the sample colours, most of the brownish ones have a pink undertone. I think if you look in the yellow-brown range, you'll find something closer to your inspiration pic. Good luck. It is definitely difficult to pick paint colours!

  3. I don't know if this will help you, but when I was looking for the right grey based neutral color I asked the "paint specialist" at Home Depot before buying the paint if there was any blue in the mix. Sorry it didn't work out :(

  4. It definitely looks blue, but I think it's really pretty! What color is it?

    and I love your new header! I'm thinking of updating ours ... where'd you get that image?


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