Saturday, March 29, 2008

New News

As you can see, I changed my header. I am not really fond of bright colors, so it didn't make sense to have a bright header. I hope you like my new simpler one.

Also, I got the PB Capiz pendant lamp in the mail - all I can say is FALSE ADVERTISING! It looked nothing like it did online, the quality was so poor, and the "capiz shells" did not look like shells at all - it looked like milk carton plastic. So I'm back on the search for a great drum pendant light.


  1. Hi Bryn! That is so sad about the PB capiz pendant. I loved it in the picture. Boo on them!

    I don't know how "fancy" or formal you want the drum pendant to be, but I have the CB Trey pendant in my breakfast nook and love it. It's just perfect (simple) and looks so pretty when the light shines through the linen.
    I also like the RH drums, but they are HUGE. (Not sure how big your space is.)

    If you want to get a little funky, or different, the Galbraith & Paul print pendants are gorgeous. Suzie (decorpad) has one in her breakfast nook and I considered one but decided on something simple and non-print because I couldn't commit to a color! But they are gorgeous and there are many fabrics to choose from. (Check out The Lights Up Meridien pendant also has some nice prints to choose from. It might be fun to add a print into your space...but it's daring, I know : )

    Good luck, Hope this helps. I shopped for a pendant for MONTHS before deciding on the CB Trey pendant. I feel your pain. I will try to remember others I looked at and send them along to you, too!

  2. I love the new heading! It's perfect.

    Sorry to hear about the capriz pendant. It looked nothing but spectacular online :(

  3. The new heading is perfect! That stinks about the lamp...usually PB is such good quality. That's good to know though, because I've been drooling over that lamp for awhile too. Good luck with your search for the perfect pendant!

  4. Aww I'm really sorry the capiz pendant wasn't what you hoped. I was drooling when I saw the picture of it on your blog.


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