Friday, January 11, 2008

HBO's Rome

Sometimes I find something that I really like, WAY after the bandwagon has come and gone. Right now that something is HBO's series, Rome.

When Matt put it on a few weekends ago, my first reaction was that it would be one more macho series that I would have to find some other way to entertain myself while watching. But as I looked up more and more often from my computer, I actually started to realize that I really like this show!

Although it's had bad reviews of it's historical inaccuracies, the characters and the plots developed around actual historical events are very intriguing. Not to mention the set and costume is unbelievable. (They actually built the set in Rome and used all Roman extras).

The series only had two seasons, and has since been canceled, but your local Blockbuster (and I'm sure Netflix) should have all the DVDs. If anything it will give you something to watch during this annoying writers strike :/

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