Monday, January 14, 2008

2007 Decorating & Renovating Awards!

If you are a nestie, you will know that right now the 2007 Decorating and Renovating Awards are in full gear! I wanted to share some of my favorite categories with you and also who I voted for.

PSA: Keep in mind these are my own personal opinions, aka who I voted for. Each category was SUCH a hard choice! Do not read any further if you do not want to see who I picked! I'm not posting all the categories, just a few.

Best DIY'er: Makena
Check out some of the amazing things she's made:

She's even DIY Renovated her kitchen and floors.

Favorite Kitchen: Ginabee
There are no words to express how amazing this kitchen is.

Favorite Bedroom: ImEBE
THIS COLOR is to die for.

Most Unique Decor Style: NPwedding (and also fellow blogger)
I adore her eclectic style.

All Around Favorite Home: Mrspaz
Not only is the the sweetest nestie I've ever "met" but she has an amazing home and sense of style.

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