Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Solution for.... my husband.

Of course I adore my husband, but boy is he messy! One of his messy habits includes dropping trou' right next to his side of the bed in the p.m., and leaving his clothes there.

When I saw this hamper, I immediately thought of him.

It doesn't scream HAMPER!! and in my opinion, it's stylish enough to put in the corner of our room, right next to where he dumps his clothes.

Sometimes, design MUST meet function.

ps- if you have any other solutions, please share with me! Besides nagging him of course ;)

Nito Hamper, from Crate & Barrel. $89.95.


  1. ahahaha...I had the EXACT same problem!! We have a similar hamper that is hidden next to our dresser! After about 3 days of training, it worked!! :)

  2. I bought that exact hamper 1.5 years ago for the same reason. I love it. But, beware - my hubby tends to use it as a "shelf" for miscellaneous items, thereby making him "unable" to put the dirty clothes in the hamper (according to him). Foiled again...

  3. this is the first time I read your blog. good job, I really like your title.

    totally agree on the hamper thing, what is with men and mess? i thin they are genetically predisposed to drop their clothes wherever they want - I read somewhere that it could be due to a subconcious desire to mark their territory. similar to how a dog leaves a trail of pee:) same concept. lol


  4. good luck! I bought the same one for our bathroom and DH STILL leaves his clothes draped over the edge of the tub...he'll never learn!


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