Monday, February 10, 2014

My Pregnancy Wardrobe Must Haves

I have to admit, I was hesitant about posting my last post because I didn't want it to come off as whiny or superficial.. but OMG I am so glad I did!!!! THANK YOU for each and every comment.. I read through every one of them and took them to heart. It is so comforting to know that there are others out there feeling the same feelings. I love you guys!!

And as promised, I put together a maternity clothing post for you! Unfortunately a lot of the clothes I was wearing in my previous post are no longer available because I got them on sale during the holidays (aka they are last season). BUT I compiled a collection of my maternity favorites and some pieces that are very similar to what I have and would totally work!

1// J.Crew Leggings (non-maternity) // I never really wore leggings before I was pregnant, but I am OBSESSED now. Seriously.. pregnancy and leggings are like peanut butter and jelly.. they are just made for each other. When I first got pregnant, I ordered two pairs of these J.Crew leggings - one in black and one in navy. And at 30 weeks, I'm still wearing them every week (although the band is getting kind of tight around my belly now). They are never see-through, never sag, etc. They are great!

2// J.Crew Black Suede Boots // I actually own these very similar Clark boots (as pictured in my previous post), but they don't have many sizes left and I wanted to give you another option. (I actually like the look of the J.Crew boots better). I swear I wear these boots 3-4 times a week. Having a small heel is great when your pregnant because it makes you still feel somewhat feminine. And this style boot with the small opening is great with leggings, tights and jeans.

3// Snake Print Shirtdress (non-maternity) // This style dress works so well during pregnancy. It's loose and flowy, and you can choose to use the belt or not (I usually go with no belt). This type of dress has become a pregnancy staple for me.. I wear it with a jacket and tights and the boots that I just featured.

4// Biker Jacket (non-maternity) // I've been LOVING motorcycle jackets during this pregnancy. I have one from Zara similar to the one I featured and also one from Nordstrom Rack that is similar to this one from Anthropologie. I especially love wearing them with flowy dresses. I think they work great with pregnancy because they hit right at the waist and work well with the bump.

5// Blush/Black Chiffon Tunic (non-maternity) // I don't actually own this shirt from Target, but I think I need to buy it ASAP. Honestly - some of my favorite clothes during this pregnancy are loose non-maternity pieces from Target like this shirt. (And I always like them to cover my butt.. if you look at the pictures on the website, this one does!) I just buy a size larger than I normally do.

6// Black Opaque Tights (maternity) // I have tried a handful of maternity tights (because non-maternity tights are just too uncomfortable) and these are the only ones that don't fall down. They look so cute with the black suede boots!

7// Sleeveless Tunic (non-maternity) // These inexpensive tunics from Target have turned out to be the BEST maternity clothing purchase I've made. In fact, I purchased one in store from the clearance section early on in my pregnancy, then I went online a couple months later and bought every single color. They are the perfect length.. they cover my butt but still look cute with the side slits. I layer them with everything.. the white is especially cute under sweaters! If you are pregnant, I swear you have to buy these (I bought my normal pre-pregnancy size)... you can't go wrong for $14!

8// Caravane Tunic Dress (non-maternity) // Anthropologie has the BEST non-maternity maternity clothes. I own a handful of their tunics like this one. They are all oversized and flowy and work perfectly for a growing bump. I don't own this particular one, but the cobalt blue color is on my "to buy" list. I think it would be great for spring.

9// Gap Always Skinny Maternity Jeans (maternity) // I have to say maternity jeans are the one thing that I have really, really struggled with. As I've mentioned, my legs and butt have gotten so much bigger.. and of course all the maternity styles are "skinny" jeans :-/ ugh. Almost every single pair of maternity jeans I have tried are suffocating in the legs OR fall down. However, these Gap Always Skinny Jeans are/were my absolutely favorite. I would say they are ALMOST perfect.. but there is one issue - I had to stop wearing them around 25 weeks because the band became too tight around my stomach. Not just uncomfortable, but unbearably tight. And it wasn't the size.. the legs still fit perfectly. I tried on a size larger and the band was the same. I even took my own pair to the seamstress to widen the band and it still didn't help. Where it hit on my stomach and the amount of elastic just didn't work for me past 25 weeks. HOWEVER.. I still 110% recommend buying these jeans if you are pregnant (and especially if you have thick legs) because I wore them from around 10 weeks - 25 weeks and I know I will wear them all the time after the baby is born (who knows how long it will take to get into my pre-pregnancy jeans... boo hoo). Also, when you order these.. order a size down. I bought a size 4, and I DEFINITELY am not a size 4 in other brands. Gap's sizing is weird, and they also stretch out.

10// Shelf Bra Cami (non-maternity) // I owned these camisoles from Target before I was pregnant and surprisingly I am still wearing them at 30 weeks. I wear them ALL the time under tunics, sweaters... pretty much anything sheer. They cover the weird dark fabric of full panel maternity jeans and tights so it doesn't look like your pants are up to your boobs (even though they are, ha!) I have a feeling I'll be switching to maternity camisoles soon, but so far so good with these!

11// Liz Lange Tank (maternity) // I LOVE these Liz Lange tanks. They are perfect when I need something longer than my non-maternity cami's (and they are pretty long).The fabric is also so soft and comfortable. I have a white one and a black one, but I may need to get more.. they are awesome! I know they will be great for post-baby, too.

Phew, I know that was a lot of info.. sorry!! It took me about 5 months to figure out things that worked for me, and hopefully it will be helpful for you, too!

You'll notice - the majority of these pieces are non-maternity. I'm currently 30 weeks pregnant all of these clothing options still work for me and my big belly. BUT I want to add that the majority of the clothes I'm wearing now, although non-maternity, I bought specifically for pregnancy and purchased a size larger than I normally wear. Pre-pregnancy I always wore small/medium, but everything I wear now is a size Large. However, these styles are so loose and flowy that a size Large will totally still work when I'm a non-pregnant size medium again (I can't wait!!!!).

If you have any maternity clothing must haves, please do share!


  1. Bryn. These are adorable. I am not pregnant but have the big hips, thighs, and butt problem and wearing things to cover all that is always challenging, especially since I'm only 5'4". I can't believe that #7 (sleeveless tunic) looks that great on. I wouldn't have guessed it based on the Target picture. (I am guessing it is the one you wear i one of the photos in the last post). I was ready to go buy it but it appears they are no longer available. :( You look super cute in all of the outfits you posted and not big at all. Congrats on the baby bump, by the way! :)

  2. I love all of your maternity looks, Bryn. Although I am not pregnant, I would wear many of these looks sans baby bump! In fact, I've got a dress similar to #3 in my closet now. Very creative to put together some non-maternity pieces you can wear before and after baby.

  3. I am not pregnant but was 3 times and I could have written that exact post 11 years ago....feel good you look great! and I would love to know where the white swiss dot top/dress is from. thank you!

  4. I'm not pregnant (although when I was 9 years ago, I wish I'd had a post like this) but saw this sweet online shop recently AND these things can be worn postpartum. In fact, I may end up just ordering some things from them. And no, I'm in no way associated with them; just so good I have to share :)

  5. I never really wore leggings before I was pregnant, but I am OBSESSED now. Seriously.. pregnancy and leggings are like peanut butter and jelly.. they are just made for each other.Thanks for sharing the useful information.


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