Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Home Tour Round Up

I am SUCH a sucker for home tours and I've come across a couple lately that have really WOW-ed me. Sure, homes in magazines are great.. but they are heavily styled and don't really feel "lived in", and it's hard to get a sense of how the home flows.

First up is Stephanie Bradshaw's home on Glitter Guide. This home is so feminine and pretty and there are some major swoon-worthy spaces like her closet. I LOVE this image of her living room:
She has this room off of her living space that I am completely envious of. A sunroom is on my list for my dream house someday. A place to go with a glass of wine and some magazines.. sounds like heaven.
This sleek white sofa next to the bed is so cool. Why not put a sofa next to a bed? Sometimes you want to relax and read, but not necessarily go to bed yet :)
And the closet... enough said.
Check out the rest of this tour HERE!

Next up is Kathleen & Bradford Whitaker's home featured on Remodelista. OMG I love this home and it's simplicity (very much how I like to "vibe" of my own home). I'm always drawn to "less is more" type of spaces like this living room.
What an amazing office. If you know me, you know I'm a sucker for dark rooms!
And this den.. I'd probably not be bold enough to paint a room this color, but it works SO WELL! The trim painted the same color of the walls makes it. 
Check out the rest of this tour HERE!

Whitney Port's home was recently featured on Domaine, and it's amazing! I love how "California" it feels. I love the chairs in the picture below:

OMG.. again with the closet:
Check out the rest of this tour HERE!

And last but not least.. I think this if my favorite recently. It's an interior design project from Tara Guerard Interiors featured on Style Me Pretty Living. This living room is AMAZING. I love everything about it:

 And this bedroom.. I love this bedroom. So simple, a little bit masculine and a little bit feminine. 
 Check out the rest of this tour HERE!

Home Tours is one major feature I wanted to be a regular occurrence on the new Isabella blog because I love them so much. I just shot one last week and plan to get it up this week. I'll keep you updated!


  1. thanks for posting these! i haven't had time to keep up with all of the tours in the blogosphere & am happy to see some that these strike such a balance between designed & lived in.

  2. LOVING all of this inspiration. I want to become of a "less is more" person, but it's a hard switch to make. Now that our kitchen renovation is almost done I can start planning how to decorate more of our home.

  3. Just the distraction I need for a bit!

  4. Thanks for sharing! All the rooms are so inspiring that we couldn't resist referencing this article in our blog too.

  5. I love seeing the different homes. I'd love it even more if you wouldn't mind mentioning what it is that makes the room unique or what 'works'. So often I'll look at something and think: "That's nice" but can't quite understand what is it that makes this particular look. You made a comment on one of the photos about 'a little bit of masculine and a little bit of feminine" - and I got it! Then I could see and understand.
    Thanks for a great blog.


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