Monday, July 29, 2013

Professing My Love For..

I know I've posted this item before on my blog, but I have to profess my love in more detail for this pretty much perfect rug.
West Elm Jute Chenille Herringbone Rug
Here are the reasons I love it so much:

+ The pattern is graphic enough that you notice it, but subtle enough that it would go with anything. And you can't get any more classic than a good herringbone!

+ It combines the casualness of jute with a soft chenille material, so it isn't too scratchy if you want to lay on it.

+ The price is great!

You know this is a great rug when it's used for staging a $14 million Gramercy Park apartment:
Here are some other pics I found of this rug in action:

Mabrey's Room via House Tweaking
The Family Room Design Studio
This is one of those pieces that I have filed away in my "must own someday" folder because I don't currently have a space/need for it.

This also was a coincidence with the timing of this post, but the rug is currently on sale!!


  1. Agreed. I use it with many clients and finally bought it for myself. Sadly. . .I returned it as I have no place for it. Good for you for not just scooping it up like I did!

  2. I'm obsessed with it as well and just used it in a client's home last week. Thinking about getting one for myself while it's on sale!

  3. I also love this rug and am hoping to use it in our next home. I'm so paranoid they're going to stop making it before I can get my hands on it!!

  4. Is it a thin rug or something a little thinker and comfortable underfoot? Considering it for our master bedroom but I want something with a bit of thickness to it... Thanks!

  5. I know, I love that rug too! Considering it for my son's room or maybe the striped blue&white cotton Dash & Albert rug I saw on

  6. I have this in my dining room and love it. And am thinking of it in a smaller size for Elliot's nursery!

  7. Does anyone know ow stain resistant this rug is? Wth 2 dogs, trying to find somwthing that will clean up well if necessary. Alao considering Dash and Albert eugs, but I prefer the textural look with this one. Thoughts or recommendations?

  8. Perfect....I have just the space for it in a clients house! Thanks for the reminder!!!

  9. I have this rug and it's in our living room. I have two small dogs. The rug gets dirty easily, and cleaning up dog messes isn't impossible, but isn't easy. I love love this rug so much but think i'll need to have it cleaned on a regular basis to maintain the light color contrast. With a light mixture of dawn dish soap and water anything will come out of it, but it takes ages to dry bc of the jute. something to consider if you put this rug in a high traffic area.


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