Tuesday, April 16, 2013

And then I was off to Denver....

After the hustle and bustle of my work related weekend in San Francisco, I stopped in Denver for a couple relaxing days with my roomie from college. It was always the four of us in college... me and her and the boys (who also lived together), and now we are both married to those boys :)

They hopped on the baby train before us, though, and it was so great spending time with my little "niece" Claire! It's really crazy how fast they grow!!

We all got together in Charleston last year:

And now she's an adorable 2 year old that I couldn't seem to get focused on my camera since she's always on the move ;) 

The weather was beautiful on Monday so we headed to the Denver Zoo:

And then on Tuesday, the snow came!

But it was fun playing in the snow with Claire (she is definitely a CO baby.. the cold didn't phase her).

She is obsessed with gymnastics.. too funny!

 The snow created a stay-at-home day for us and it was really great hanging out just like we used to do in college...

 Queso was our college tradition... we used to make it for dinner! ha! So Erin made the most amazing Tex Mex while I was there :)

Can I get an AMEN from my fellow Texans??? ;)

It was a great week away but I was so ready to come home to my husband and my animals (and 75 degree weather hehe).


  1. Looks like a wonderful trip! Are you going to High Point?



  2. Fun! I am just catching up on your blog! Miss you :)


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