Thursday, March 28, 2013

Adding Visual Interest: Contrast Trim

I've been researching darker, contrast trim for a project of mine and I thought I would share my findings!

I absolutely love this look. I did it (very subtly) in our master bathroom.. this was my inspiration:

Here are some other pictures I found via Google, etc:

Designer Meg Longergan (one of my new favorite designers) has done contrast trim really well:


  1. Do you think you have to do this throughout the whole house or could you just do it in individual rooms?

  2. Always thought Martha Stewart did a great job with this as well! Love our thinking outside the box too -- I always tend to go with white trim!

  3. I'm such a white trim person, but after seeing your bathroom image, I may have to rethink this. Love it!!

  4. I loved Meg Longergan's master bedroom so much I used the same colors for my 2 year old's big boy room-now his room is more chic than ours!!

  5. Love the top bathroom!

  6. if you love this, you need to come to Colonial Williamsburg! All the Colonial buildings had this type of trim...sometimes it's so elegant and sometimes it leaves you craving crisp white, but I think you'd enjoy it.


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