Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fresh & New

I love the beginning of a New Year! This is what always happens to me... the Christmas break is spent being lazy and my mind is spent with family instead of on work. By the time the first day back to work in the New Year rolls around I am PUMPED for the fresh start. And I know I'm not the only one.. the blogs are full of the same excitement and energy. I love it!

I haven't set any "resolutions" for myself, but I am setting some intentions for myself.

1. The Blog

As myself and others have said many times before, Pinterest has changed the game for bloggers. Sometimes I wonder if blogging is becoming a thing of the past. Whether it is or isn't, I would like to keep blogging.. I'm not sure when/if I will stop. But I do want to change the way I blog in 2013. I want to write more meaningful posts.. even if that means they aren't every day. I don't necessarily mean more words, just more of a "quality vs. quantity" thinking. I've come to realize my favorite blogs to read now are those who write posts to really say something, and not just post for the sake of posting.

And to sort of go along with this thinking, I'm working on "cleaning up" the design of my blog and making things simpler. (I'm also still working on my website. My client work comes first, so my website always gets pushed to the back burner. BUT the new freshened up look is ready to launch soon!)

2. Our House

I did a lot in 2012 to "finish" our house. I use quotations because let's be honest, it's never actually going to be done ;)

Obviously, I am a huge believer that your home is a part of you, it's a reflection of you and you should always love the way it looks and the way it feels.

And after 3 YEARS of making this house our home, I finally feel that way :)

But that's not to say there aren't a couple things I want to do in 2013. Here is my short list:

+ New Flooring in the Kitchen (I've decided to just keep the hardwoods we have in our house even though I don't LOVE the color and probably bring them into the kitchen. This is TBD and I'm not sure when I'll tackle this...)

+ Granite & Backsplash in our Kitchen - WHO KNOWS when this will happen.. but it's still on my list.

+ Custom Drapes in LR - I almost always do custom drapes for clients, and I would really, really love to have them in my home... someday!

+ New Family Room Lamps - this one is more obtainable than the three previous items. I'm looking for the perfect ones..

+ Dining Room - This is another TBD item. Honestly - I've thought about just NOT decorating the dining room, and then when we eventually have a kid, that room would make a great playroom. We always congregate in the kitchen nook when we have friends over, anyway.

3. Work

I am really excited about what's to come in 2013 for my work life. I am wrapping up some big projects and I'm so happy and excited to see them unfold into what we've been working so hard towards!

My new 2013 work goal is to "work smarter, not harder".

OKAY I realize that was a ton of words.. and this post is probably only interesting for me ;) To make it a little more interesting for you, I've added in some never before seen (I think) pictures that I found while cleaning out my iPhone recently!

Thank you so much for reading my blog, and I promise I'm going to work on making it even better this year!! xoxo


  1. Oh I love blogs. I like Pinterest but I don't think they will replace reading blogs for me. Please don't stop posting!

  2. Can I ask for more info about that upholstered ottoman in the photo of the living room with the two brown couches? I've been looking everywhere for a source on a large ottoman with some COLOR in it, but to no avail. ;)

  3. Love your resolutions, Bryn! I think refocusing and posting meaningful material is a great goal. You already do that- which is why I love your blog so much! I think Pinterest has pushed us design bloggers to be more intentional and really create a post people will love to read. Wishing you the best in 2013!

  4. Don't stop blogging! I really haven't gotten the Pinterest down yet :)

  5. i love your blog, even if you don't post everyday. I'm looking at buying a house this year and i'm reminding myself that a home cannot be designed and updated in a few months. your blog helps keep it real.

  6. Bryn, can you give me more info on the hunter green velvet pillow and the trim around the ends??? thanks!

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  8. I actually found you via Pinterest. It was a photo of your laundry room, which is so similar to mine in design (although mine is still not "finished"--love that you put quotes around that word, too :) I really love your design style. As a mom, I recommend definitely keeping the dining room for a playroom space down the road. It's so handy! Happy New Year!

  9. You have good intentions! Pinterest is will never be as personal as a blog. Your blog is one of my daily reads!


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