Monday, December 31, 2012

2013, Let's Do This!

Why, hello! I didn't anticipate or plan on not blogging for two weeks, but it just happened. I'm sorry!

Matt and I were in COLD Wisconsin for Christmas. My brother is doing his residency there and had to work on Christmas Day, so we all flew in to spend it with him.

We ate at tons of great little hole in the wall places (and I ate my weight in cheese!!)

It was a great time and the snow was so beautiful, but we were really happy to see the sun and grass when we got back home :)

We took Charlotte with us to WI (you can see her in the first picture) and our friend/neighbor fed Henry. While we were gone, he took to sitting in the black chair and looking out the window (for us? awww). It's now his favorite thing to do, and it cracks us up!

All he needs is a cigar and a scotch.

After all the traveling, it's so good to be home! And although I'm not the biggest fan of New Years Eve, I always love to fresh start aspect to a new year. 2012 has been so awesome, and I'm really excited for what's to come in 2013!

Here are some of my favorite inspirational quotes from Pinterest to help inspire you for the new year :)



  1. tell me again why your husband rocks the OU sweatshirts?
    Love the snow.

  2. That's where we went to college! :)

  3. Seriously? You all went to OU. WOW. That is where both of my boys are now. We (they) have a house near campus that is so cool (when they clean it up), in the historic district and could use your touch! Glad I solved the OU connection. Enjoy the bowl game on the 4th, happy new year.
    Check out our Guthrie and OKC trip (including purchases at an antique store on western) at

  4. Happy New Year! In love with Henry's fluffy tail (crazy cat lady here...).

  5. Your pics and quotes are inspiring - the "pick me up"s for the new year!

  6. Henry is the cutest. Love the way he's lounging in the wingback chair! Love the Bill Cosby quote, too: "Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it." I'm a perfectionist, and often procrastinate about doing things because I'm afraid of not knowing quite how to do it, and not being able to do it right. Some people just jump in and figure it out as they go along, but I'm not like that. For instance, I know people who will watch some YouTube tutorials and then patch a wall. If the finish is not just perfect, no big deal to them. It looks good enough. Me, well, I would always be bothered by the "sloppy" DIY job. However ... sometimes I need to remind myself that getting something done is better than getting nothing done because I'm afraid of it!


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