Thursday, November 1, 2012

Marble Tile.... Next Week??

If you follow me on Pinterest you may have seen me pin marble tile floors lately:



I have literally been talking about/thinking about tile for our upstairs bathrooms since June 1, 2011 - wow, that's a long time. I've looked at about a dozen samples and changed my mind about a dozen times. 

I made a decision on this, but then I had my tile guy come over and give me a quote, and I needed more tile than I had thought (arg) so this was no longer in my budget: 

Sooo.... (very) long story short, I've decided on classic marble tile.

This tile is $3.99 per sq. ft. at Home Depot. It's called "Greecian White" and is polished marble. 

Honestly - I think this is the best look for the best price. For $3.99 at The Tile Shop you get faux marble/travertine ceramic. I'd much rather have the real deal. 

I'm also going with this tile from Home Depot because we have a gift card, so this tile will end up costing me half of the penny tile. 

But I'm not just settling on this tile because it's the least expensive option.. I really do love this look. I know it's not for everyone, but I think it's just plain classic and I'll never tire of it. And our master bath is already cream and gray.. so it works perfectly!


If everything goes as planned... we're starting next week !!!!!

I'll leave you with these pictures of Ten June and Aubrey and Lindsay's beautiful marble floors:


  1. Such a great choice Bryn! You'll be so happy with the classic luxuriousness of the marble, and for an unbelievable price. I actually prefer it to the penny tile.

    Live Inspired,

    Heidi Chamoun

  2. Beautiful tile, Bryn! Make sure you ask a plumber whether you need to raise the height of your toilet flange... we learned about this the hard way with a big leak into our dining room ceiling when we retiled our bath.
    Good luck tiling!

  3. We were looking at the tile as well for our master bath! However, when I went through piece by piece, most of it was just pure white, and I wanted something with a little more veining in it. How does yours look??
    I'm seriously thinking of hitting up every Home Depot in the city and handpicking my 100 tiles! :)

  4. Thanks for the shout out Bryn! We love our floors in our washroom, they are classic and I'll never tire of them. We'll likely do the same when we renovate our Main washroom. :)

  5. Yess! White marble is classic , you cant go wrong :)
    Can't wait to see it


  6. Bryn, its going to be so pretty!! I know you must be so excited!

  7. Nick and I have been talking about doing this forever, and this post made me bite the bullet! It looks great! :)

  8. Love the classic look of marble! I think it's going to be gorgeous! Can't wait to see the final result!

  9. I think you made the right choice! Penny tile is nice but then there is SO much grout to have to clean! Just be sure to get a good bathmat with a rubber macking- marble tile is slippery when wet!!

  10. We are getting ready to retile both baths upstairs in our fixer-upper. One is white and I didn't even think there would be an affordable option but I love the idea. The other already has beige 3 x 3 ceramic tiles and I am having trouble finding something to go with it. I'd hate to have to replace the whole bathroom. Any suggestions for just the floors in the beige bathroom?

  11. I love the look of marble floors but it gets incredibly slick with the slightest bit of water. It is less of an issue with with penny rounds because you have more grout relative to the surface area of the marble. Large tiles are fine for a guest room but I would think long & hard before putting it in a primary bathroom.

  12. I think that tile is lovely. I love penny tile too but this option is great and I can't wait to see the results!

  13. Annie @ house on reneNovember 1, 2012 at 8:16 PM

    I have plans to use the same tile when we remodel! It is a great buy. Can't wait to see your progress!

  14. It is wonderful
    These are great pics...and the place is beautiful :-)
    I love your blog :x

    Welcome to my blog

  15. I think it is beautiful!!! Go for it! Can't wait to see!!!

  16. i can't believe how cheap these are! in australia they cost about $170m2!!!

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