Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekend's Work

This past weekend I had NOTHING on the agenda.. no work, no parties, nothing! It was also 100+ outside so it was perfect to get some things done in the house.

I focused on the master bathroom this weekend, and got a couple little things done that I've been meaning to do. First up was to replace the glass shades on our vanity lighting.

Ideally, I would have loved to replace the entire light, but I am doing this bathroom "reno" as inexpensive as I possibly can, so I kept the bases. The shades, on the other hand, HAD to go. Here are the old glass shades:

I just want things nice and simple, so the 90's flower petal look had to go. I replaced the glass shades with these simple shades from Lowe's:

Much better.

Then I touched up some of the trim paint, no fun pictures of that!

I finally found the perfect sized shelves for above our toilet, also at Lowe's. They were only $14! I'm so glad I happen to pass that aisle, because I was going to pay $35 for a similar shelf at The Container Store.

Our bathroom really lacks storage, so these shelves & baskets are very functional. They hold the things we don't need on a daily basis. I'm going to fill the clear vase with my husband's favorite soaps, I just need to buy some more of them!

This room is REALLY hard to photograph, and it doesn't help that I am terrible at it. It's so bright with the two windows but dark by the door, I'm sorry for such a bad photograph.

Here's the strange thing about the pictures I've taken - all the trim around the windows, etc is gray and the walls are cream. But in the image, they look to be the same color!

Here is what it actually looks like (this is the other side of the bathroom):

Anyway, I just have a few more things to finish and then I can start thinking about tile. Here is what is left:

- Install bamboo shades (they are white)
- Finish touching up trim/paint back of door
- Sand & Paint vanity
- TILE! Can't wait for this...
- New mirrors
- Hanging light over tub
- New faucets (may wait on this, depends on how much the tile will cost!)


  1. I've been thinking of adding shelves above the toilet, also.  So glad you mentioned those!

  2. I love these shelves! They are so cute, how are they hung to appear 'invisible'? I have been searching for something similar, but have yet to find any good ones! I am your newest follower - love your blog! Hope you'll visit mine and follow back if you enjoy it as well!


  3. Hi!  Just found your deeeelightful blog and even did some back-reading... wow, I've "missed" alot!!!

    The "shades" on the light fixture certainly make a huuuge difference in bringing everything up to date. GOOD FOR YOU!!! It really looks quite nice now!!! 

    I was thinking that since you wrote that you have so much left you WANT to do, and you're trying to stay within a budget, why not just "frame" the current mirror???

    Am signing up to receive your blog on a regular basis... yep, it's that fun (& interesting!) to read!!!

    Linda in AZ *

  4. Please, please tell me what paint color that gray is.  Gray's are so difficult!!  I've painted gray twice -- once turned out ice blue and once turned out purple.  But I love how that one looks. 

  5. what a nice bathroom. I LOOOVE the window. So Jealous of it. We have a tiny one in our bathroom. Great Job!

  6. What a wonderful space.  The new light shades are a 100% plus!  I am looking forward to seeing the progress.

  7. It looks so serene and streamlined--I love it so far!

    Sorry, random question: Where did you get your make up bag (?) on the bottom shelf?

  8. Thanks for the tip on the shelves. Where did you find your woven baskets that are on the shelves?

  9. When I saw your bathroom I thought of a tile I have been wanting to use from Oogletile.  Check it out:

  10. Looking good! The shelves above the toilet are perfect.


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