Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I went to a luncheon once and the speaker was Bunny Williams. It was SO inspiring and the main take away was to always go out and seek inspiration. Go to museums, art shows, old buildings, read old books about decorating, etc.

I have been SO busy lately I can barely keep up but thank god for Pinterest (I know, I know I always say this). It's like the drive-thru version of inspiration. But I have been feeling guilty that I haven't been "studying" design lately as much as I should be.

Anyway, here are some of my favorite drive-thru inspiration pictures....

I looooooooove this contrast welt!
via Marianne Simon

I will always and forever love grasscloth (I think my heart speeds up a little every time they show Don's apartment on Mad Men). The grasscloth + Settee + painting + white floors is perfection.
Using these curtains as inspiration for a client!!

Makes me want to have a baby.... not really but almost.

I did get some Bunny Williams-worthy inspiration during our trip to Charleston..

Painted black trim way before it was ever "cool" :)


  1. The third picture down is the work of one of my favorite designers! Marianne Simon :))) we are going to see and hear big things from this lady ; mark my words!!!

  2. Hi Bryn.

    Love Bunny Williams. She seems to be everywhere at the moment. Three people this past week have been spoken to me about her.

    I love that creature on top of the cabinet. What is a dog or something else?

    Last few days for our David Linley Jubilee giveaway. Hope you can pop along and join up.


  3. Powellbrowerhome.comJune 6, 2012 at 9:02 PM

    I love these images, too! Your phrase"drive-thru inspiration" should be patented! that is spot on!

  4. Beautiful house with a lovely interior shots. This looks like a lovely investment! Thanks for the share. :)

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  5. Not bad for a quick drive through!  Love that piece of furniture in the first image.  

  6. That first image.made me cry....out loud for joy!  Love.....

  7. Hi Bryn, the 3rd image down is my work!  Thanks for including me in your round up and would love the credit.


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