Monday, February 20, 2012

Spring Staples

It was supposed to snow last night, crazy! I don't think it did, or if it did I was asleep. But it's back up to the 50s today and will be in the 70's by the end of the week.

Since the weather has been pretty warm this "winter", I have my mind set on some wardrobe staples for the springtime.

I tried these jeans on at Anthro before Christmas and they are very flattering... I'll be honest - I have some junk in the trunk!

The new TOMS ballet flats... I have a feeling once I get these, they will be the only shoe I wear.


Blazers have become my go-to closet staple. I throw them on with some jeans and boots and feel polished yet comfortable enough to run around town all day. I love this peach blazer from Top Shop!

I also think this jacket is beautiful.. it's chiffon so I can imagine the drape is so pretty!


  1. Those jeans are really cute, but, I need a boot cut so that my thighs don't look ginormous.  
    I was so hoping for snow too!

  2. FYI: the TOMS ballet flats run big. order a size down.

  3. The original Tom's style is very unflattering on my foot so I've never purchased any, which makes me feel badly, since they donate a pair when you do.  But this ballet flat might do the trick for me .  I like the seams on the toe too. 


  4. I just ordered those same Toms ballet flats this weekend, and can't wait to get them! I've never been a huge fan of the original Toms (at least on me), so I was really excited about the ballet flats. Very cute blazer, too!

  5. So I don't have any experience with them but I have heard that the Toms flats are VERY uncomfortable.  I was in a boutique in Huntersville this weekend and the saleswoman said that 50 people had been on the waiting list for them and when the people came in, not one person bought a pair.  Just a warning.

  6. Lol.  I was just remembering about this post yesterday and wanted to come warn you but I see Colleen (my sister) already did.  We are looking out for ya.  :)  The lady also mentioned to us about the sizes running way big.

  7. I love the style you put together here.

  8. It did snow! Sort of. I was there visiting my fiance (will be moving next month!) and we saw tiny flakes when we were out around 9:30pm.

    I love those flats! Adding them to my wishlist!

  9. I love those ballet flats!!


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