Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Let's talk about blogging.

Maybe I'm just imagining things, but it seems since Pinterest has come around there has been less blogging going on. I recently went through my Blog Love links and realized a lot of blogs no longer post or post very infrequently. I've seen some other blogs mention the same thing, I was curious if you have noticed it too?

Or maybe when you've been blogging for as long as I have (4 years now, crazy!) there will always be bloggers that come and go?

I still ADORE the blogs that I read every morning with my coffee and I obviously still love blogging.. I think it will be in my life for a long, long time. I'd love to be introduced to some new-to-me blogs that for some reason or another has slipped under my radar.

SO please do share, what are your 5 most FAVORITE must-read-everyday blogs? The ones that when you see they have a new post up, you can't click fast enough to read. Please don't list your own blog or my blog, I want the picks to be completely unbiased. :)

Here are my picks (it was hard):

Little Green Notebook - I'm sure this one will be on almost everyone's list! She is one of the best.

Rockstar Diaries - Even though it's not a design blog per say, I can't get enough of this adorable little family.

Urban Grace Interiors - Erika doesn't post very often, but when she does I love to soak it all in. She's been one of my favorites for a long, long time.

High Street Market - Kelly has such a great eye, and her posts are always so well put together.

Design Indulgence - Sherry says exactly what she thinks, and I love it. She always makes me laugh. She's also crazy talented and I love seeing the projects she works on.


  1. Mine are Little Green Notebook, Rockstar Diaries, 6th street, Young House Love and you! I'm only on my 9th month of blogging and I really enjoy it so I hope it's not a thing of the past. I love pinterest but I check my google reader first for sure.

  2. Bryn- I agree!  Here are my picks (let's just say I'll list my top 5 in addition to yours :))  1. Made By Girl  2.  Small Shop  3.  Design Darling  4.  Savvy Home  5.  MFAMB 

  3. I feel the same way! I also think people are forgoing commenting in favor of pinning things. Like, oh if I pin this from her page, she'll know I was here and I don't have to bother leaving a comment. That's my rationale anyway ;) My must reads are:

  4. Hi Bryn!  I actually remember you from high school - I went to Plano West and I believe was a year younger than you - I remember you from Choir!  Anyways - I found your blog through some others that I read every day and I decided to start my own blog last week!  I love all of your posts and am so impressed by your work! I am very new to the blog world, but my favorite blogs that I have been reading the last several months are:

    Honey We're Home
    A Thoughtful Place
    Breakfast at Toast
    Schue Love
    Ten June

    (I know I listed 6 sorry!) Good idea to ask everyone their top 5!  

  5. I would say anything Pioneer Woman posts, running off the reeses (HILARIOUS), Young House Love, Kate @ Elefantitas Alegres (great style and great recipe ideas), and my new favorite Losing Weight in the City (she makes me want to run a marathon!)

  6. Young House Love,  The Daybook, A Cup of Jo, What I wore, and Kendi!

  7. Great post! I have been blogging for a year and love it! I am definitely here to stay! My favorites are 6th Street Design School, Emily A. Clark, Danielle Oakey Interiors, Caitlin Creer, and A Thoughtful Place. Tough to just narrow it down to 5!  :)

  8. Hi Bryn -- love your blog.  Read it daily.  Here are a few of my favs:  Fly Through Our Window (Erika's twin sister), Jones Design Company, My Kids Eat Candy, Simple Thoughts, The Daybook and Young House Love....

  9. Funny, I was just thinking yesterday that Bungalow Blue Interiors ( is one of ther best blogs few people seem to be reading. Love her style.

  10. Funny, I was just thinking yesterday that Bungalow Blue Interiors is the best blog few people seem to be reading. Love her style.

  11. Oooh, this is so hard to narrow. Ok, here goes: Vintage Revivals, Design Blooms, Roadkill Rescue, All Things Thrifty, CocoCozy. I could seriously go on, blogging isn't going anywhere.

  12. This is TOO hard, but here goes:

    1. Elements of Style -- I love what she has to say about life and I love her two cents on fashion as well -- plus her decor posts don't suck either :)
    2. House*Tweaking -- I love what she's doing with the Underdog and seeing how the house is progressing
    3. Style/SWOON -- her style is amazing, her graphic designs are amazing, and her Summer Project blows my mind!!
    4. Spoon Fork Bacon -- pretty much my food dreams in a blog. The styling is BEYOND awesome and these girls are quirky and clever. Love them!

    That's all for now, though I really check in on about 20 blogs a day!!! 

  13. I read LGN and Design Indulgence too. Sherry is crazy.  :)   I also like Nesting Place and Moggit!

  14. You, Elements of Style, Pure Style Home, Young House Love, and Playing Sublimely. Those are the 5 I always check regularly, but there are more, some months I have others that are my current favorites. Great idea with this post, I like seeing what everyones reading and possibly discovering a new blog I might love.

  15. Cupcakes & Cashmere, Making it Lovely, Sea of Shoes, Chez Larsson, East Side Bride - they aren't all design blogs, but they're my favorites that haven't already been listed

    I've actually found Pinterest to be the single biggest source of traffic to my blog

  16. My top 5 are probably:
    1. House*Tweaking - great site about a lady and her family downsizing and remodeling their smaller home so she can pursue her dream of being an interior designer
    2. I Heart Organizing - beautiful organizing photos and lots of great tips
    3. Tom & Lorenzo - recaps/commentary on some of my favorite shows like Project Runway, Downton Abbey, etc., as well as celebrity red carpets and designer runway shows
    4. Old Town Home - remodeling a home in Old Town Alexandria, VA
    5. Extra Petite - a fashion blog for petite girls...I'm not nearly as petite as she is, but she has great style and wonderful fashion and beauty advice and gives detailed reviews of clothing items.

  17. Hey Bryn, My google reader is full of wonderful blogs but hear are my top 5...

    House of Turquoise- interior design that focus on the beautiful color of tuquoise!
    Tulips & Flight Suits - A woman who talks about her life with child and being married to a navy man.
    The Inspired Room - design blog
    On to Baby - all things baby
    Makeunder My Life

  18. Little Green Notebook is my first read of the day,  I also love 4 Men & 1 Lady, everything LEB, cup of Te, and can't forget bryn alexandra!!  I could go on but that would be a bit much... 

  19. Love your blog.  I like to read a bit of everything so here it goes.   - fun fashion posts   - hillarious
    You of course. 
    Have a great day.

  20. I've definitely noticed this too and, honestly, I'm guilty of it. The blog I've had for nearly three years just doesn't suit me as much anymore, so I started a new one (and I'm, sadly, neglecting my old blog). ::blush::

    My absolute favorite blogs are This Free Bird (Carrie is hilarious and one of the most "real" people) and I'm smitten with Atlantic Pacific (her style is phenomenal).

  21. Also you brought up a good point. Also you brought up a good point. I have noticed some of my favorite blogs not posting as often or completely gotten out of the blogging game.   From what I can gather it seems that blogging is/was a new media/marketing trend and that seemed to get everyone to jump on board (probably about 4-5 years ago) because of its effectiveness to get a personalized message out and your personal/company’s voice heard. However I think that some people never fully understood the time and dedication that it takes to create and sustain a blog. What I am assuming is happening is that with the economy the way it is things like blogging are being set aside to actual going out there and getting work. What I find interesting is that if used correctly for a business purpose it can be such a value to help build your brand and gain more clientele! Also you show people the real you and today in a business such as interior design, you need that authenticity to stand out from the crowd!
    I think what you are doing is amazing and I love reading your blog and seeing your thoughts, opinions and ideas for design and life in general.     

  22. Well slap me.......I made your top five????  If I was with you right now we would bump hands...hips [mine are big and could quite possibly send you flying] and chest.....mine are small so no impact there :)
    I would have never know are the bomb Bryn...and right back at of my favs.....

  23. I agree-- I've seen a bit less blogging, but I think the quality has improved. I don't often see people posting a single picture with a little caption, since that's what we do on Pinterest constantly. You, Jenny K., Caitlin C., and Kirsten K. have my most favorite blogs, but here are some good ones you may have missed:

    1. Home-Styling
    2. Holly Mathis
    3. The Neo-Traditionalist
    4. Jones Design Co.
    5. Gorgeous Shiny Things


  24. I've seen a lot of blogs fade away recently too. I'm actually thinking about "re-branding" mine to keep it fresh and more in line of the direction its going.

    My favorites are
    1. Loves All THings Bright and Beautiful
    2. Daniel Oakey Interiors
    3. Ten June
    4. Hi Sugarplum
    5. Primitive & Proper

    Just to name a very few!

  25. Hey Bryn,
    What a great post with even more interesting timing.  I’ve been considering starting a blog for some time but haven’t taken the plunge yet… and I really can’t even say why for sure.  I think it’s the ‘what if’s’ that are holding me back; what if only my mother reads it out of pity? What if I’m more boring than light brown microsuede dining chairs?  (…what if I offend people with comments like that?) In a nutshell I suppose I’m just a big chicken.   
    I read several blogs in a day but the three that I absolutely always read are:
    -Yours (and I’m really not just saying that. If you miss a post, I actually get worried—is everything ok? What’s going on?  I know, I know… hello, Creepy, take er’ down a notch.) (Love that girl! Katy is so hilarious and offers great workouts, complete with videos and random tidbits about eating her weight in chocolate)  (no explanation necessary)
    Maybe one day I’ll find my proverbial wings and quit my clucking…

  26. In no particular order...

    1. Sweetfineday
    2. Under The Sycamore Tree
    3. House*Tweaking
    4. Chris Loves Julia
    5. <a href=">Manhattan Nest</a>

  27. Yikes! #5 should be Manhattan Nest! Can't forget Daniel! I have a slight fangirl crush on that guy :)

  28. I love:
    Kendi Everyday, she is so funny
    MFAMB, especially her obsession with poop
    delight by design, always beautiful images
    Rockstar Diaries, that baby!!!
    Simply Seleta
    Elements of Style
    All of these bloggers leave a little piece of themselves in their posts.

  29. Oh gosh 5 is hard but here goes :
    1) def. you !
    2) Brooklyn Limestone
    3) Gabifresh
    4) Kara Paslay Designs
    5) Glam or Sham

    Love these !

  30. I'm totally guilty of the blogging hiatus you're talking about! I've been more of a reader lately than a writer -- but everyday I check iSuwannee and Design Darling -- two of my faves!

  31. Tough question, but here are the 5 that I am most excited to see new posts for:
    1) Peppermint Bliss
    2) bobbi+mike (the most amazing photographers, in my opinion...I can scroll through their images for hours) (
    3) MFAMB
    5) Suri's Burn Book (i die. laughing.)

  32. I have to say I haven't been a blog reader for long, but for the past six months some of my favorites are:


    These blogs are are daily reads for me!

  33. My top 5 lately:

  34. This is a hard one, but these five are the ones that I am most excited about, when I see that there is a new post:



  35. I recently read a very similar comment... hmmm!  While I do love pinterest, I really love reading blogs as I want more than just the pretty picture or great idea. The number of blogs and depth of creativity out there is astounding!
    Here are 5 that I really enjoy, but so many others.....hard to narrow it down)

  36. I actually blog MORE because of Pinterest because it renewed my interest in curating beautiful images. To make it easy to keep up with my must reads, I created a separate folder for those in Google Reader so that I can easily skim my "can't miss" blogs and save the others for when I have down time. Here are my favorite daily reads:


    And yours is actually in my must read folder too, but you said we couldn't include you!

  37. I have a fan girl crush on Manhattan Nest too....even more so after his post about their new dog!

  38. Brooke @ Blueprint BlissFebruary 1, 2012 at 12:58 PM

    Great post! My lack of blogging is both pinterest and having a newborn!

    Loved seeing some new blogs listed in the comment section.... Can't wait to check them out!

  39. I haven't noticed this phenomenon, most bloggers I follow post just as much, and I can follow their pinboards!  My must-read blogs represent my interests in design, fashion, cooking, and spooky things :)

    Top 5:

  40. While Pinterest is great and addicting, it's so nice to see blogs that post more than Pinterest pics (I'm sometimes guilty!) and original great content.

    My top 5 currently:

  41. love this Q!

  42. oooh and one more I think you will like -a lot!

  43. I feel like Pinterest is a great resource for bloggers -- I got super excited when a before/after image of my coffee table got repinned 40+ times (big numbers for a little blogger like me!). I like it because I feel like it's another way to connect with the blogs you follow -- I have repinned a bunch of your boards a ton!

    My favorite blogs are:

  44. Oh my gosh look at all of these new ones!  Man I'm going to be in trouble...I'm behind as it is!

    I'm almost finding the opposite - a lot of my friends and favorite bloggers have started the new year with a bang!  And sometimes I wish that the blogs I read would post less and have better content - quality over quantity sometimes can be lost when bloggers feel that they must post every day or several times a day.  

    Some of my favorites - 

  45. I love all of those blogs as well! Here are some of my favorites: 

  46. I have a looooong list of blogs I read every morning (10 with my coffee to be exact) but these are my 5 favorites (not including yours - that's a given!):

    1. Young House Love --
    2. A Blog About Love --
    3. Elise Blaha --
    4. Design Sponge --
    and 5. The Daybook Blog --

    Wow, that was hard - I really love all of the blogs that I read! So great to find new blogs to read! :)

  47. Good idea!  Not all of my favorites are "design blogs," and I heart many more than these, but here are a few blogs that have definitely captured my heart:

    say la vee (the very first blog I ever read, and one of the best.  beautifully written, fun, a fresh POV)
    domestic reflections--such a sweet family
    all things g&d
    an inch of gray
    rambling renovators

    I think one of the things my favorites have in common is just plain old good writing.

    I feel bad to leave out some of my regulars, but many of them have already been mentioned, so maybe it's okay!


  48. In no particular order:
    A Cup of Jo
    Jones Design Co.
    6th Street Design
    The Inspired Room
    Holly Mathis Interiors

    Great post!  I am having fun discovering blogs I have never heard of before.

  49. Two Ellie
    My Many Moments
    Caitlin Creer Interiors
    Grace Happens

    {in addition to yours (really!), LGN, and Urban Grace}


  51.    this has great content!

  52. Colour Me Happy I've always been puzzled that thisnonenisn't on your blog roll (which is great!) since she writes a lot of posts specifically for people in your business.
    Chez Larsson
    Pioneer Woman
    An Inch of Gray


    those are my "go to" favorites!

  54. Oh goodness. I read way to many to even begin a list.. I just wanted to say this is a great idea for a post. There's still a lot in the comments I don't know! Really fun.

  55. I think blogging in general has changed a lot in the last 4 years (I've been reading you since way back when). It used to be for kicks and there was a small group of us, but now it is a straight-up business! That is great for some, but overwhelming for others (me). Personally, I feel like it's an all-or-nothing deal. I know it isn't, but lately when I sit down to type I am paralyzed! So I read others and pin :)

    Hmmm I love ... LGN, Urban Grace, Jones Design Co., probably nothing new. And also my local folks: Two Ellie, Haven & Home, A Life's Design, Tracery. Oh, here's a good local gal (Birmingham) you may not know about:

  56. Great idea Bryn! I've really been torn with Pinterest lately. I think it's a wonderful tool to gather inspiration but I also struggle with people who sign up for it and then never post anything. There is nothing that says you HAVE to sign up for Pinterest. And blogging is so interesting and I love every minute of it but it also is such a roller coaster ride too. I often think about the dynamics of blogging and I'm very glad I joined the community. I've had some new bloggers reach out to me which is always nice. I love blogs that I can learn something and be inspired by them, so here is my top 5 in no particular order:  Design Indulgence, Room RX, Amy Meier, Hazardous Design, The Decorologist - but SO many more that it would be an entirely other comment.  Thanks for starting a good conversation!

  57. I agree, some blogs which I loved like " if the lampshade fits" have disappeared and others ( myself included)  do not post as frequently as they  did at the beginning-it really does take such dedication !! Plus I do really want to post content, so if I really cannot come up with a decent post, I would rather not.Pinterest.. you could spend you whole life on it !! A bit dangerous really :-))
    My 5 favourites which I almost always read :


  58. Oh this is difficult there are so many I read everyday!  I like blogs that have a lot of personality and the content is original and if they make me laugh even better. This is in no paticular order:

    1) MFAMB
    2) Elements of Style
    3) Amber Interiors
    4) Gorgeous Shiny Things
    5)Bijou and Boheme

    Honorable mention-Making It Lovely for being the first blog I ever became addicted to. My gateway drug.  Also, Because It's Awesome and Me, You & A Weiner two new to me blogs. Worth checking out!

  59. What a great post.  I love seeing you, Erika, and Darby and Jenny pop up in my reader.  I also read most of what your other commenters have suggested, so I am purposely including some that I love and don't see listed already.  Thanks for this!  Great idea! note: Claire's blog contains some of the most honest and moving writing I have ever read.  And, I think someone else mentioned An Inch of Gray-truly heartbreaking but a must read. her style so much and her home is pitch perfect

  60. No particular order
    1. You! I use to live in charlotte and I reading your blogs bring me back :)
    2. Peppermint Bliss (is she not the most darling person??)
    3. Elements of Style (event though her posts annoys the heck out of me - she is still entertaining)
    4. Fifi Cheek - another southerner I love
    5. Cup of Jo every weekend
    6. Effortless Style is great!

  61. LGN
    An inch of Gray
    A Cup of Jo
    Young House Love
    pure style Home

  62. french tangerine, mrs lilien, mrs blandings, absolutely beautiful things, and acanthus & acorn.    
    (Wish you'd have let me pick 10... but if you had, I'd have asked for 20!)

  63. This is tough - but honestly, yours, Little green notebook, urban grace interiors, la dolce vita & pure style home.  I follow so many and have been doing so for a few years now - you definitely see some come up and do tons of posts for quite a while and then just kind of stop.  I'm so inconsistent but working on trying to be more frequent - it's what keeps me coming back to the blogs that I do!

  64. "Coco+Kelly" is my must read. 
    "A Cup of Jo" ALWAYS pulls me in.
    "Young House Love", but who doesn't love them?
    "The Daybook", for accessible, affordable style.
    and.... "Breakfast At Toast"! Danielle rocks!

  65. I just started blogging this month, and I agree...Pinterest seems to have taken over my blog reading!  However, I get excited when I see a new post on Pure Style Home, Our Fifth House, Gorgeous Shiny Things, Holly Mathis Interiors, The Lettered Cottage, and Honey & Fitz.  Wait...looking at that list, maybe I haven't given up on blog reading? ;-)

  66. I love reading blogs- such great inspiration. Here are my top 5 goto's
    coco and kelly has to make the list too!

  67. If you guys like Coco + Kelley, you will like Camille Styles.  I don't think I've seen her mentioned.  Also, Aspiring Kennedy is totally adorable even though I kinda wanna kill her since I am so jealous of her life

  68. I def agree that pinterest has changed blogging for good. Its harder to find original content that people haven't seen before... either on the blog world or its been pinned 100000 times! But I def think that the personal aspect of blogging is what I love, the peek into your favorite designers life, real fashion inspiration...
    SO hard to narrow down to my top five!
    Sequins and stripes
    Look linger Love
    Amber Interior Design
    Made by girl...

    and YOU!

  69. I'm so glad you mentioned that Elements of Style bugs you! She makes me so crazy I've stopped reading it - which is too bad, since some of the things she posted were great. But I couldn't do it any longer. Oh well, to each his own.

  70. Hi Bryn! I'm chiming in a little late with my faves.  Since I started blogging myself, my daily reads have increased, but my favorites have remained.  Aside from you (seriously), my top five:
    I'm wondering if you'd be willing to share more about your blogging journey?  You seem to have gained quite the readership over the years gracefully and naturally.  I suppose it's due to your great taste and just being yourself.  I so admire you for that! 

  71. I've got a reader full. I've noticed a downturn as well so I'm always trying to look for more to add. It seems like everyone has gotten pregnant at once so I think that has affected alot of posting ha!  These are some of the ones I read first (other than yours,LGN and YHL of course)

  72. a' la mode (alamodemaven)February 3, 2012 at 9:08 AM

    You made my day Amy =)  I was scrolling down to find new blogs myself and see your own, especially when you feel like a tiny fish in the largest pond 

    Bryn, I am a dedicated reader of your blog!  Here are my faves that I didn't see listed:
    (and all the ones Amy listed, they are all literally on my iphone screen)

    WHAT A FUN POST!!  Thanks for this!!

  73. I started blogging in 2008 and then I took a break after 2010, I just ran out of steam I think that happens to a lot of bloggers especially those of us who do it more for fun than for a career but I started up again last December but I missed it as an outlet from my everyday life. But moving on my top 5 reads are...

    Urban Grace Interiors- love Erika have been reading her forever
    Fly through our Window- Erika's sister Darby's blog
    Little Green Notebook
    Made by Girl
    La Dolce Vita

  74. Wow, great question! Most of my favorites are already listed, but no one mentioned Emily Henderson's blog yet! ( She has a show on HGTV, Secrets of a Stylist, but I don't super love all of her designs. I mostly read it because she is SO funny, I cry laughing at her posts sometimes! 

  75. How could I forget to mention, Oh Happy Day( and Design Mom ( Also, The Southern Eclectic (!

  76. Truly, not trying to suck up, your blog is one of those i want to check out as soon as there's a post. But if I must choose five, well, here they are:
    -Urban Grace Interiors
    -Fly Through Our Window
    -Gen's Favorite
    -Atlantic Pacific
    -I Suwannee

    I haven't noticed any of my blogs falling off. Everyone seems pretty consistent with their posting. I will say though, regarding Pinterest, it's become a peeve that everyone is listing them as their image source. (I mean, seriously? you can find practically every image on Pinterest, duh.) When sourcing, this is something I'm trying to avoid and now I've even started trying my best to find the original source (these images don't just fall from the sky), but it's tough and time consuming. Sorry, didn't mean to go all complain-y on another topic.

  77. -design sponge, -design mom, -made, -aesthetic outburst, -bright.bazaar. and yes, i've definitely noticed blogger friends blogging less. pinning more. not always the case, but definitely a trend!

  78. My favorites are  House of Turquoise and Nursery Notations (though not as consistent lately).


    My amazing friend with amazing style!!

  80. I like 1. Little Green Notebook, 2. Eddie Ross, 3. Herding Cats at, 4. I Spy DIY, and 5. Better After

  81. Julia {Pawleys Island Posh}February 6, 2012 at 5:50 PM

    Thanks for including me Shelli! I'm so excited I just found Bryn's blog too! Xoxox

  82. HI Emily (and Bryn!)
    Thank you sooooo much for sharing my blog here among these HUGE greats! I am honored to even be on this comment list at all. I make a huge effort to share a working designer's point of view but still keep it fun.. TY again :-)


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