Thursday, February 2, 2012


First I'd like to thank you all for the feedback yesterday!! I have a date with my computer this weekend to sit down and go through all the blogs you posted. I can't wait! :)

This week there has been a sweet cat roaming our neighborhood. We actually see quite a few cats, but usually they are very mean and are "wilderness" type of cats. This cat is obviously a house cat that has gotten out.

My neighbor has put up signs and has been feeding it, but has not heard back from anyone. Last night I saw it out and it was starting to rain. It broke my heart, so I picked it up and brought it in with me. My husband wasn't too thrilled.

photo 1

It had some pretty crazy dreadlocks under it's chin, in this picture I was clipping them off (as best I could).

I'm posting to see if anyone out there in Charlotte or the surrounding area would be interested in adopting a sweet cat?

Here is some more info:

- It's the friendliest cat I have ever met. It acts more like a dog than a cat! It just wants to cuddle and is constantly purring. It comes when you call it and has been doing really well around Charlotte. It's also super laid back.

- It's potty trained. We put a litter box out for it last night and I was surprised to see in the morning it had used it. I didn't realize it but I had purchased organic litter that was pellets instead of the other stuff, so I really didn't think it would use it, but it did!

- What can I say, it's adorable! And orange!

I have no problem "fostering" this cat until it gets a good home, but Charlotte isn't too keen on cats so we can't keep it long term. I'm doing everything I can to make sure it goes to a good home!

If you are interested or want more info, please email me at Thanks!


  1. Orange cats are the best. They are always friendly. (says the girl with orange hair and 2 orange cats...)

  2. Directions Not IncludedFebruary 2, 2012 at 9:59 AM

    I'll share with some rescue contacts I have spread all over. Hope the sweet little one finds a home soon!

  3. Bryn you are darling - i love that you have a bleeding heart too.  Thanks for doing a good deed :)


  4. It's so sweet of you to take care of this cat!  He's really gorgeous.

    Just know that cutting mats out of their hair with scissors can be really dangerous, because you can nick their thin skin and cause an infection.  There are a few methods, but what I like to do is use a flat comb to get under the mat, and then cut along the comb, so there's sort of a guard against their skin.

    You are so sweet for doing this!

  5. You're so sweet, Bryn. The cat is so cute and looks grateful that you're letting it hang out for a few days. Good luck finding a wonderful home for it!

  6. Oh, it's a main coon cat!  My sister has pretty much the exact same cat (well, it's my parents' now). Anyway, this breed of a cat is awesome! They really are a lot like to fetch and require lots of attention. If you can't find the owners or are having issues finding someone to take it you can always put it on pet finder because this breed is a highly sought after breed and I am sure you'll find someone who will take it soon.  And hopefully the poster with rescue information can help you out because I am sure there are plenty of people looking that way too.  Good luck!

  7. Oh my goodness, what a beauty (uh oh, crazy cat lady-ness is coming out!)!  You might try popping into the vet and seeing if he has a microchip, just in case his owners have been looking for him. It might be that he's travelled quite a ways and they haven't seen signs. Let us know when he (or she, I suppose) gets a forever home!

  8. Good luck!

    And just a quick note - you don't have to "potty train" a cat. They naturally want to "go" in sand or other loose material. I guess you could say they are potty trained from birth.

  9. What a beauty!  You are such a sweet soul.  The picture of the two of you is priceless; that baby really appreciates your affection and it shows all over his/her face!

    I really like Maggie's suggestion.  Another thought is to go to  Type in your zip code and you will get a list of shelters in a 50 mile radius.  Call them and ask if anyone has reporting their cat missing.   Check your local pet supply stores (e.g. Petco, etc.) to see if anyone has posted a missing cat notice.  If I lived even remotely near you (I'm in the Chicago area), I'd be delighted to adopt that little muffin.  Feel free to pop me an email.  I'd be glad to search for resources/ideas to help you.

  10. Annie @ house on reneFebruary 2, 2012 at 1:35 PM

    I am sorry I just have to laugh here.. this whole post reminded me of Breakfast at Tiffany's (if you haven't seen it you are totally missing out!)  I kept seeing this scene

    Anyway you are too sweet to take that cat in! I hope you can find the owner or a good home soon!

  11. Are those poultry shears? LOL.  I'm not a cat person, but I totally appreciate your soft heart. :)

  12. Hi Bryn,

    I wish everyone was as kind as you - thank you for taking this sweet kitty in! I have 7 rescue cats of my own and work with several animal rescues. Let me know if you need help finding this sweetie pie a forever home. :-)

  13. Bryn, that cat found you!  Also, I have two cats that RUN from the scissors!!!

  14. The fact that s/he is letting you cut out the mats on night 1 says a lot about its sweet personality! I agree with the previous poster who suggested a visit to your local vet to see if there's a microchip. Hope you find the owners.

  15. Awww we will post on our blog to see if any Charlotte peeps out there want a cat! So sweet

  16. She is gorgeous. You are so sweet to take her in...I'd make her part of the family.

  17. I would have done the something. Take it to the vet and see if it has one of those information chips under it's skin

  18. What a sweet baby!  I will put my feelers out for a home too. 

  19. Kristen Fountain DavisFebruary 5, 2012 at 3:17 PM

    awww, you are sweet to take this pretty kitty in....good luck on finding it a home! 


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