Monday, August 8, 2011

A New Piece for Slate

This past weekend was busy busy busy.. one thing I worked on was this updated secretary for Slate:


Originally I had planned on painting the piece white, but lately I've been more apt to keep the original finish on vintage/antique pieces if they are still in pretty good shape. As much as I love painted furniture, sometimes it's sad painting over beautiful wood that has been untouched for decades. I even like it has a couple scrapes and dings... it gives the piece character ;)

Even though I didn't paint the piece, I did give it an update. The bookcase had doors but they were in bad shape and couldn't be salvaged.. so I tossed them and kept it open. I papered the back walls in leftover grasscloth from our bathroom. After I added the wallpaper, I stepped back and was glad I didn't paint it!

It's currently available at Slate.


  1. The grasscloth really gives it a twist!  love it!

  2. this is kind of crazy - but i have that exact same gold trinket box that i picked up at an antique store a few months funny!

  3. The grass cloth looks great -- I have a similar piece that would benefit from the same treatment!
    Thank for all of the great ideas!

  4. The Vintique ObjectAugust 8, 2011 at 11:45 PM

    I'm glad you didn't paint it either.  It is so pretty and you gave the interior just the right touch.


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