Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fabric Play

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday.. our power went out and we were internet-less for a while. I also was crazy busy and running around town Monday and Tuesday but today I'm back in my office catching up today :)

It just so happen that in the last 48 hours I have been inside four AMAZING Charlotte homes. I wish I could have taken pictures for you. But it's left me crazy inspired and my head and heart full.

On Monday I went by our local showroom and picked up some new fabric memos and played around with them. I've said it before - I live for fabric!

This is one option for a master bedroom I'm working on... I really love that it's completely calm and neutral, but has a lot of pattern.

I put this together before this week, but last night I was in a home that had a completely neutral master in the same colors. It was breathtaking... I may beg the home owner to let me share her house on my blog ;) Anyway, imagine it something like this:

[ via ]

The next two fabric pairings are just me playing around..



I also received the orange fabric for my guest bathroom shower curtain.. can't wait to sew that up:


See the linen fabric draped over the soon-to-be shower curtain? I'm bringing that color into the bathroom.. it's the same linen color as the shams and bedskirt in the guest room:


Which bring us full circle back to an all neutral bedroom... which this bedroom will be. Now all I need is a headboard, roman shades, a throw pillow, art... haha. We'll save that for another day. For now... back to work!


  1. Beautiful fabrics! I love seeing your match ups!

  2. You are so talented at pairing fabrics. I'm very excited to see your new shower curtain! I'm hopeful that with a tutorial, I can make one of my own!

  3. Love the fabrics! Also, just noticed your cute new pic, it's lovely!

  4. Oh these are all so beautiful- you're wonderful with textiles! Would you be able to share what fabrics are in the blue grouping?? As soon as I saw them, I thought, "That's what I want in my bedroom!" 

  5. I really love the blue fabric combination and that shower curtain is going to be fantastic.

  6. I'm LOVING the tan/beige combo you came up with, I think it would be puuuuurrrrrfection in a Master Bedroom.


  7. Loving the blue combinations.  Beautiful and fresh.

  8. Are you a big fan of Sarah Richardson? Because your style reminds me so much of hers, except yours is a little more calm aha, she's a big fan of go bold or go home! Love the blue scheme by the way, might emulate it at some point... :)

  9. Love the blue fabrics!  Any way you'd be willing to share where they are from?  

  10. Those fabrics are all so beautiful! You have such a classic yet current style. I follow a lot of designers blogs and I continue to be drawn to your style and your take on decorating.

  11. LOVE the fabric combos! And that first paisley is killing me.

  12. love the fabrics in the first set, looks very similiar to this bedroom on a well dressed room, which I love. Can't wait to see your vision. Can you share the fabric source?

  13. Beautiful fabric selections Bryn.  I think we were separated at birth as I could do that all day long as well.....

  14. Love the laurel fabric (shown in grey/white in the first fabric combo and orange/tan)!  Can you let us know the details for this fabric?

  15. I would also love to know the names of the blue fabrics!  I love the last one on the right.


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