Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I totally forgot about....

I forgot about Apartment Therapy home tours for a while until I saw Jennifer Dyer's beautiful home pop up on my Pinterest. If you recall, she was in Lonny a couple issues ago.

So I went back to browse through the Home Tours section. Here are my favorite finds I wanted to share with you!

all three above images from here

See how these frames start at the ceiling and come down? I'm pretty sure I'm going to do this treatment in my family room.. now I just need to start the process of buying the frames ($$$). Eek.

via this home tour

Genius solution for those low on closet space...

I love these Magenta chairs!!

I also have a new found love affair with glossy black interior doors. BUT I think it takes a certain type of home to pull it off. Either really old or a brand new build made to look old. It would look completely silly in my 1989 home.

above three images via this home tour

above four images via this home tour

So much good to be seen.. I really need to remember to keep checking Apartment Therapy!

Speaking of home tours, I got the "ok" from one of our Isabella customers to photograph her home for my blog! It's AMAZING and I cannot wait to share it with you!!!


  1. Stunning photos - and love the placement of furniture in the first photos - would not have thought to put the pieces where they were placed. Love the framed art starting at the top - but my fave is the color of the kitchen cabinets, so rich. I will pinning here for awhile - thank you for sharing!

    xoxo michele  

  2. What gorgeous pictures. I'd love to move into all of these rooms!

  3. What style and taste. Really like first four images.

  4. Love this! ALL

    You had me at the second pic. I want that bedroom.
    Thank YOU . . .

  5. Drooling over All of the Rooms. 


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