Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cleaning Out My Closet

Lately I've been trying to update my closet and when I bring something in, I like something to go out. I usually just donate to Goodwill, but these are some pieces that you guys may be interested in!

All items have no rips or tears, smoke free home. Click on the Paypal button if you'd like to purchase. I set shipping at $5 for all items.

Mossimo Black Tie Waist Top - Size Small

This top is so cute and flattering on, but unfortunately I need a size Medium instead of a size small. The sleeves are pretty tight on me. The sleeves roll up and button into cuffs.

Banana Republic Tunic - Size Small

A really cute Banana Republic tunic, but again it is too small for me. Sorry I didn't iron it!

Vintage Boys Tuxedo Top - Fits like a Women's Small or XS

I'm bummed to be selling this top.. it's soooo cute on, I always got compliments wearing it. But it's a tad too small for me. I got it in Brooklyn at a thrift store, it's a vintage little boys top. It has a little peter pan collar. So cute!

The Limited Black Dress - Size 4

Another piece I'm sad to be selling, but truth be told it hasn't fit me since college ;) It's the perfect little black dress and was sooo flattering. It's just a bit too snug for me now and would be great on a true size 4 (I'm more of a size 6). It hit me right at the knee, I'm 5'7".

Gray Dress - Size Medium

This is a pretty dress on and fits like a true Medium, but I've only worn it once. I'm a casual girl and I don't really wear dresses too often, so I've decided to sell it! The color in the picture is deceiving, it's gray in person.

I'd like to preface the next items by saying I am "leggy". I have thick(er) thighs and legs than most women. Most of these pants seem to fit way smaller than the size marked on me, but if you have thin hips and legs then they may fit you if you are the size marked. I am normally a size 6 and wear size 28 or 29. Just an FYI!

Lands End Canvas Skinny Jeans - Size 29 **Fits like a 27**

These jeans are so cute. They are called the "super slim" style and that they are. Although they fit me, they are way too tight for my comfort. I normally wear a 28 and sometimes 29. I recommend getting these if you are a 26 or 27. They are really long and I always wore them cuffed. Really cute with flats!!

Seven For All Mankind Casual Jeans - Size 28 **Fits like a 26**

These jeans are the perfect weekend jeans!! I used to wear them a lot in college, but they were a bit snug on me then. They definitely don't fit me anymore even though I do still wear 28s sometimes. They fit much smaller, maybe like a 26? They don't have any stretch to them. They are completely authentic. I stated no clothing has rips or holes but these obviously do.. they came like that ;)

Seven For All Mankind Bootcut Jeans - Size 28 **Fits like a 26**

Same drill as the previous jeans, super super cute.. got them in college but they were snug on me then and don't fit me now. They also don't have any stretch to them. They would be so cute with a white button down shirt and some boots. Authentic.

True Religion Jeans - Size 28 **Fits like a 26**

Again, bought these in college, they were a bit snug then and don't fit now (I LOVED designer jeans in college haha). They are a really cute flare style and would be great with some boots. Fits small like the others!

Nude Heels F21 Brand - Size 8 **Fits like an 8.5**

I normally wear a size 8 shoe, and that is what these are marked. But when I wear them my feet slip out of them. So I recommend purchasing if you are a size 8.5 or maybe even a narrow 9. I don't know about you but I am OBSESSED with nude heels lately! I wish these fit.

Black Coach Purse
My sweet husband (then boyfriend) bought me this purse, I'm sad to be selling it. I carry around so much crap now that I no longer use it. It's a somewhat small bag. It's completely authentic!

Let me know if you guys like this...I can definitely do it more often because I like to clean out my closet often! I tried to price everything fairly so you could get a good deal.


  1. I love this post! Unfortunately, I wouldn't fit into much of what you have shown. I have been considering doing a post like this myself, but I was always concerned that others might not think too highly of it. Maybe I'll actually work on doing one now. I'll follow your lead!

  2. Have you tried ebay! I've sold tons on there!

  3. Funny I just saw a segment on the Today show this morning with an author saying we should all get rid of 75% of our clothes!! She reasons we really only wear 25% and it's actually easier to get dressed when you only have clothes you love. I just started cleaning mine out today... it hurts giving away items you spent so much on though right?!  - BOO

  4. not sure if you thought of this, but you could always just put a insole in the shoes to make the fit a bit tighter ... gives more cushion and helps them fit ... usually works great for me ....

  5. cute!!  I remember some of those clothes :)

  6. are the size 28 jeans bootcut 7 for all mankind jeans the "edie" style?

  7. Hello, are the Land's End jeans still available?  I have been looking for a replacement pair so I searched them online and it led me to you, but I realized you posted this a while ago!


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