Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Beautiful (Affordable) Art

I stumbled upon these prints the other day while doing an e-design board. I have since used them for another client and have been coveting them.

The artist is named Yulan He, and I found the prints on... wait for it.... art.com. I've always sort of rolled my eyes at art.com because I thought everything they had looked like this:

I do love the Beatles, but John Lennon's memorial on my wall doesn't do it for me.

BUT I was wrong. Back to Yulan He... here are some of his posters I found:

[ link ]

[ link ]

[ link ]

[ link ]

I love that most of his prints come in BIG sizes (like 40 x 30). The 40 x 30 is only $99, which is a great price for such a huge piece.

When you purchase a giclee print like this online, I recommend having your framer cut the white edges off.. it makes it look less poster-y and more like you found it at a gallery :) I typically go with a thin frame and a thick mat (depending on the piece).


  1. recycledconsignanddesignJuly 12, 2011 at 10:22 AM

    Ditto on the art.com...but these are really great!

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