Wednesday, May 11, 2011


You probably know by now that I love purple! I often tell people it's a great color that can be used anywhere and shouldn't only be used in little girls rooms. Take my dining room for instance.

In this design board, I suggested purple pillows as accent pillows in the couple's already sage-colored family room. I'm happy to report they liked it!


  1. Love it! I did a purple post today too :)

  2. Hmm...that makes me want to put some purple in my loft. I wonder what the husband will say. I think it's a pretty ballsy move!

  3. the purpule pillows are perfect! I am glad them liked them!!

  4. I have been looking for purple pillows exactly like these to go with my white bedding & sage colored walls! I love these. Do you mind telling me where I could find them? Thank you!

  5. I am always down for some purple, especially when mixed with some sage!


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