Thursday, May 19, 2011

Blogfest 2011 - Day 1 (I'm Back!)

Phew. What a whirlwind couple of days. I can't express in writing how FULL I am after Blogfest. Full of knowledge, love, friendships, inspiration, happiness, junk food (haha).

It was such an amazing trip... I know I won't be able to recap it very well (One of my worst qualities is my memory), but I'm going to try a day by day recap.

Monday, May 16th

I woke up super early (5 am) to two voicemails on my cell phone telling me my flight was canceled and my new flight would arrive in NY at 6 pm. I yelled a couple sleepy expletives and asked my husband if there were any other flights going out (side note - my husband is the best. I should really put him on payroll as my office/life manager. He is my rock and I don't know what I would do without him). He found a flight going out via another airline and we purchased it - I HAD to be there (and I got a refund for the other one). Long story short, due to weather and delays, I BARELY made it to the Hearst building.. went straight from the airport to the cab to the luncheon.

Breakfast in the Hearst building. Yes, that is Tobi Fairley across from me. I was reading her story in Traditional Home on the plane just hours before.

I thought this room had really cool milk-glass like windows. Turned out it was fog (we were on the 44th floor.. I think?) LOOK at those peonies!

After lunch we were graced with the presence of Editors in Chief of some of the top shelter mags.

It was interesting to hear their point of view and get an inside look into shelter pubs. You could tell some editors didn't particularly love blogs (which sort of made us go hmmm.. this is blogfest after all) and some loved blogs.

I loved this imagery story from Veranda. The explanation behind these images is that although the two images are very similar, Veranda strives to be the image on the right. Softer, more elegant, pretty yet casual. I want to be the image on the right, too (nothing against Drew).

Pardon my language, but Newell Turner is the shit. There is no better way to describe him. I have to admit House Beautiful is my favorite magazine. It's beautiful without being too out of reach. And that's exactly how Newell is - sophisticated, educated but funny and down to earth.

(he didn't actually mention MFAMB directly but definitely alluded to it)

I wish I could have met Newell but he was more popular than Britney Spears circa 2002.

I love these girls! From left to right: Amanda, Chassity, me, Amanda (click on each name to see their amazing blogs)

After the fun at the Hearst building Amanda and I headed over to check out the Elle Decor Modern Life Concept House. It was gorgeous!!! I was in visual overload, which happened a lot during this trip. I was so happy to see spaces designed by some of my favorite designers (although I didn't get to meet any). I took a ton of pictures..

My favorite room in the two concept apts, designed by Carrier and Company. Love the citron green.



I'm taking note of the pleating on the drapes. Classic but still modern. And that art!


Do you see Amanda? :)


Chinese take out menus as the backsplash.

If I could have raised the bed up a couple feet off the floor, this would be a dream bedroom for me.


There will be pictures of all the rooms in Elle Decor soon and they will be much better than mine.

We ended the night at the Design TV/ Joss & Main party. It was so fun hanging with a lot of my favorite bloggers. I just adore them all!!!!!


Chanee, Amanda, Amanda, Chassity, Janelle, Me. We had a great time!!

Joss & Main was gracious enough to provide fabulous gifts for a raffle that night. Well, I couldn't believe it, but I won the grand prize!!! It was the day before my birthday and I have to say it was a wonderful birthday surprise! I won these two chairs (below), the peacock blue Robert Abbey lamp (below), some candle sticks and a book. Wow!!!


Horrible iPhone picture, but me in one of my new chairs. :)

Phew! What a great first day. I have two more days to cover.. although I have less pictures of those days.

*** If you were at Blogfest and have pictures of me/related to me can you please send them my way so I can include them in my recaps? Thanks girls!! ***

Last night was pretty dreadful at JFK airport. The weather held up dozens of planes and I didn't get home until 1:30 am. I'm pretty tired this morning and am working from bed.

Apparently, while half awake this morning, I dropped my splenda packet in my coffee and didn't realize until I was finished. lol!


Man it is good to be back home with my husband and to have this sweet girl work in bed with me (who after a round of steriods is back to normal! YAY!!)

Isn't it funny how dogs talk with their expressions? Her face says it all: "I had to ride along to the airport last night at midnight to pick your ass up so I'm just as tired as you. I really don't want to be taking pictures right now. K Thanks."


  1. Oh my goodness. Wish I could have attended. Thanks for the recap! Chinese take-out menus? Kinda love it! 


    Oh and dogs are the BEST.

  2.  My God--that's the best door prize I've ever seen in my life! Happy birthday to YOU! I would kill to have my humble NYC apartment look anything like that showroom. It's fantastic.

  3. Aww, poor baby (pooch)...sounds like trial by fire but you made it and with the networking, bonding, education and amazingly fab "bday" prize, it looks like it was well worth it! Thanks for sharing (for those of us who found out about the event after it was sold out).

  4. Marianne {Style For Living}May 19, 2011 at 4:07 PM

    Such a great recap, Bryn.  Congrats on winning the grand prize!!!!  Now that's a way to celebrate a birthday.  So happy to hear that your little Charlotte is back to normal.   xo

  5. Lucky you and what a nice way to start off your birthday! Sounds like it was amazing. And so happy to hear that Charlotte is well.

  6. What a great recap-- hope I can go next year! 

  7. Great recap Bryn! I absolutely loved it and how amazing that you won the grand prize!!! Congrats!!

  8. Congrats on the new chairs!! Score! Looks like Blogfest was a blast!

  9. That looked like a blast. I'm loving all the recaps, I so want to go next year! 

  10. Bryn I love the fun you all had! So many fabulous experts from the design industry!!

    Adore  all of the yellow, gorgeous!

    Art by Karena

    Come and enter my New Giveaway from Serena & Lily! You will love it!

  11.  Great to see you again Bryn and get to know you better! Such fun. I posted a nice picture of you with Thomas O'Brien yesterday, I'll send you a copy! Janell

  12. I really loved reading your recap and seeing all of the photos, especially the Cover Girl imagery describing Veranda's intended look.  Excited to read your posts #2 and #3. 

  13. Amanda CalabrasiMay 23, 2011 at 3:14 PM

    Good recap Bryn!  I have so many pictures of you that I need to send! 


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